Give Respect , Get Respect

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Hey guys in todays topic i will tell you the benefits Respect.jpgand thoughts of respected leaders. So read my full blog and please upvote my blog if you upvote me i am helpfull of you that you have supported me to grow on steemit.Thanks Guys.


  1. Respect contribute to job satisfaction
    In respectful workplace employees are more engaged and productive. In workplaces with little or no respect, employees report more conflicts and misunderstandings and lower attendance and productivity.

Respectful behavior can lift spirits and shine light on someone's otherwise cloudy day. Treating someone with respect can instill confidence in them and offer them much needed encouragement.

According to a survey conducted by the Society for Human Resources Management respectful treatment of all employees at all levels was rated as very important by 72 percent of employees surveyed making it the top contributor to overall employee job satisfaction.

The businesse that perform better in regards to increased productivity and job satisfaction had developed effective communication practices that included respect for of each employee work as well as their opinions and idea.

How to show respect

All I Really Need To Know I Learned In Kindergarten, Robert Fulghum shares his credo from what he learned in the sandbox at school

Share everything
Play fair
Don’t hit people
Put things back where you found them
Clean up your own mess
Don’t take things that aren’t yours
Say you’re sorry when you hurt somebody
Wash your hands before you eat

Respect also requires that we be in control of our words and action.

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