My ICO Cheatsheet

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This is a list of resources I heavily rely on to make profitable ICO investments. It has taken me a long time to filter through the immense amounts of resources and come up with this golden list. I hope it helps..

1. ICO Ranking Spreadsheets

Some of the greatest minds in crypto are kind enough to share the way that they rank the ICO’s which they participate in. They have essentially done all of the heavy lifting for you..

*Ian Balina Spreadsheet

*Lendex0 Spreadsheet

*Gobone Spreadsheet

*All combined

2. Due Diligence for ICOs

With so many scams going on in crypto world, I always use this site as a final check before I send my precious ETH:


3. Telegram Groups For ICO updates

If you’re anything like me, you have 100 different telegram groups constantly shouting at you. These ones are some of the few I actually listen to to ensure I don’t miss a good ICO

*ICO Reports Telegram

*Upcoming ICOs Telegram

4. ICO Buying Pool

Joining ICO pools can give you access to ICO deals that aren’t necessarily available to the public. By pooling funds with other investors you can access deals usually reserved for large investors.

*Moon Syndicate Telegram

5.Twitter for ICOs

And don’t forget twitter. The news that can make a coin go 5x in value almost always fits into a Twitter message. So I keep these golden byte size nuggets coming in from the following tweeters:

*Top ICO List Twitter

*ICO Bench Twitter

*ICO Hunt Twitter

*ICO Rating Twitter

And that’s it. I hope that these resources will help you as much as they have helped me.
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