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So what is the school all about?

"Starting on STEEM, you can either get hit the ground running or spend way too much time trying to get noticed, the anarcho-capitalistic atmosphere on STEEM rewards content in its own way, and striking the balance that gets you noticed can be hard."

"schoolOfMinnows is designed for us small fries to help each other without it affecting our daily use of STEEM. It only spends voting power and bandwidth that would otherwise go to waste, when your voting power and bandwidth charges up to 100% (when you're away from STEEM for a long period, usually a day) it will spend one vote on a post from the group."
(@resources will try get @schoolofminnows to update this post with more current information, the Post was from 2 years ago, we got the direct link from the developer @lanmower in their discord server)

"Connect to School of Minnows via the following link"

Steem seems to use the most resources when you post, resteem and comment and a little when you upvote.
Lets keep an eye on @schoolofminnows @resources.

The School is still in the green.png #

The School is in the Green!

All the Minnows on Steemit should swim with the @schoolofminnows

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