My New Year resolutions that may change the way you think

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I personally think we should not wait for a specific day to start a better life, but as per my knowledge on adopting a new good lifestyle, it really needs a superpower that must include will and why power. Therefore, starting a better lifestyle with an amazing day can help us to reach the goals. So, we can make use of this New Year day and exploit it to the fullest.

Eat Healthy Food

This is a very obvious resolution that I consider every year but fail to do it. However, I am very mentally strong that this year I am going to eat all the healthy fruits and vegetables on a daily basis and count all my vitamin and mineral daily recommendation and see whether I am eating enough nutritious food or not. This is not easy as I said but trying for this can eventually change the way we live. And the most important thing I am strict about is about sugar consumption. I am 100% guarantee that I will not consume at least little amount of sugar unless I have to do it.

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Organising all things

I fail a little on organising things. This included scheduling daily activates, maintaining a dairy and keeping my home clean. I tried this yesterday and I find how easy I can make my life with organising and planning prior to the execution. I bought a small book and wrote all the things yesterday which I needed to do in the following hours. This kind of organising can even beat any kind of advanced and sophisticated app in your smartphone.

Exercise more

Even though I know the importance of exercise, I fail to do that sometimes. From 2018 I strongly believe that I will work out at least 5 days a week. Therefore I can make my physical health great. Not only I want my physical health to grow but also I need my mental health to flourish more. For that, I am thinking to start meditation every day at least for 15min. This way I can improve on various things.

Travel more

Yes, after my travel, I understood how important travel should be in our lives. So, I decided to travel often learn many things which I do not know until I travel.

Live the moment

Usually, I worry about many things going in my life. Therefore, I decided to stop putting so much pressure in my head and live the moment and be happy. Life has to go on, and it should not be interrupted by the emotional and mental worries. I am not going to make my life even more complex from now. Leaving the hard things and learning from that actually make our life easier.

These are the few things I feel I should do without any fail. If it helps you to change your lifestyle and the way you live, you can also adopt my rule and live happily.

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You really helped me, thanks

I will definitely take your advices into account. Thanks

You gave very good advice. Thank you very much

I sincerely hope that all of us will be happy in 2018 . Your recommendations are great

2018 will be very good for you. I can feel it

I like it! I think a good rule of thumb is to try and be better than the person you were yesterday.

Hello! dcrypto

Very nice blog content about your new year resolution.
A happy new year and stay blessed.

Thanks for sharing

This is a great list, I share a couple of your resolutions like eating healthy and exercising in my recent post about this. Travel and organizing are things I need to do more of!

I hope we all will be profitable and peaceful in 2018

I hope you are successful in all these goals! I definitely need to work on organizing... I agree, physically writing things down beats smart phones!

May all your new year resolution locate you before the end of February.,.Amen!!

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I couldn't agree more. A great and inspiring post. Ya got a follower.

Eat healthy food, organise things, exercise more, travel more, live the moments...
I'll copy that
Nice one

I'd love to get an up vote from you, I'm following you already @dcrypto