Happy New Years and My 2022 Resolutions

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The picture above is a fancy grey house with bright red doors that i passed on my daily walk. I did fairly well on my resolution to walk 10k steps a day. I probably only missed a dozen days. I say probably because I accidentally washed my step counter and it broke.

I bought a Garmin Watch. Unfortunately, the watch is step stingy. It does not give me steps when I do work like mowing the lawn or shoveling the snow. I a few days because I was just too tired after a day of work to do the steps.

Even worse, I caught a cold on December 23rd. It was frigid outside and I didn't want to do a daily walk when I as under the weather. The result of my sob story is that I got only 300,000 in December.

To start the New Year, I took a 2.5 mile walk today this afternoon. Here is the map with stats.


For 2022, I thought I would start the year with a resolution to publish a post a day.

Unfortunately, with the expanding number of platforms, I realized I face the question of where I should put the post.

I've discovered through the years that I can usually $0.03 per post on SteemIt.com.

That assumes that I vote on my post and @dustsweeper votes on the post as well. I guess this plan would fall apart if dusty stopped working.

BLURT is interesting. They charge for posting but give out rewards on all posts. Unfortunately, my posts rarely receive more the cost of posting.

I might try Waivio as I usually get $5 a post there. Waivio is an interface designed for SteemIt. They decided not to use SteemIt after the hostile-takeover thingy.

I tallied up my SteemIT/HIVE empire. The reported value of my empire was $8,800 this morning.

My account is still essentially 100% powered up.

I like using different platforms, So, I might do my post a day thing, but just rotate the posts through the platforms.

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