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Hello everyone hope You are well:)

Today i will pass you some of links that really helpfull when You doing a research of crypto-project.

  1. Some update from checking the market cap sitiution : - a lot better in my opionion then cryptocurrency market cap site. There you can straight away check the Atm of any of crypto and a lot more:) check it out maybe you will like more this page and start using like me.

  2. Secend page is there you can see how many changes in programing the scrypt or some issue fixing are happening in each crypto. How many developers are working on project and a lot of other information from the background of project. Easy way to identify the scam project or just see wchich of them are maintained very well.

Those tips can be very good when you like to know more about crypto then just simple info from others. Never trust others now we can see a lot people's doing the " pay promotions of project ". They telling positive feedbacks couse the funders just paid them!

Dont be stupid check it alone !!!


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