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RE: What is Blockchain Architecture?

in #research3 years ago

Out of curiosity, Are you invested in IOTA ? Because few of your blog kind of promoting IOTA..

I’m not judging you or IOTA, but I wanted to ask you directly.

Thanks and Happy Steeming:)


No, I'm not invested in IOTA -- and my blogs are actually fairly critical of IOTA, certainly not promoting it. I wouldn't mind having some, but it's a fairly complex and bizarre system that I haven't taken the effort yet to figure out how to invest securely.

Thanks for responding!

You’re capable of figuring out how to share you research on Steemit by yourself. I’m sure you’ll figure out how to invest too. Everything can be learned and we can figure everything out if we really wanted to. lol

Look forward to your next blog and happy Steeming:)

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