You may (almost) call me Doctor

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Happy news! As some of you know, I've been hard at work on my PhD for the past 5-6 years, and last week all that work paid off. On May 10th, 2018, I undertook the age-old tradition known as the "PhD Defense Examination." What this means is that I stood up in a room with my dissertation committee (4 professors from my university and one Skyping in from Stanford), and gave an hour-long seminar about my research. Here's the top of the title slide for my talk:

Screenshot 2018-05-18 20.05.00.png

They grilled me throughout my talk, and for about half an hour afterward, but then they all agreed to sign the paper that says I passed the defense exam! This means the only thing left before I'm officially Doctor Brown is for the University to sign off on some boring paperwork. I wasn't actually expecting to fail the exam, but there's still nothing quite like the feeling of knowing for sure that you've passed:


What's next?

I have a few more things to wrap up before I leave California, but next month right after the official graduation ceremony I'll pack up all my things and move back to my hometown, Colorado Springs, CO to be a professor of Computer Science at the university in town, the University of Colorado, Colorado Springs.

What this could mean for me and cryptocurrencies and Steem

At UCCS, I'll be a Tenure-Track Professor. This is a very interesting job in the American university system, because it means that I'll have a degree of flexibility over what I do with my time. Part of the job description is that I need to start an externally-funded research program of some kind. Typically, the funding source for these things is the federal government -- and I'll certainly plan to write grant proposals to the NSF, ONR, AFOSR, and others to get my research funded.

However, the other thing it means is essentially this: If I can get someone to fund my research, I can work on essentially whatever I want. Right now, some of the most interesting questions in my mind pertain to distributed ledger technologies (DLT) such as cryptocurrencies. My expertise gives me a unique perspective on DLT: my PhD work dealt with incentive mechanisms, game theory, and feedback control of dynamical systems -- all of which are of crucial importance to the proper functioning of DLT. I have three basic research areas in mind: Stablecoins, Ledger Architecture, and Governance.

So stay tuned to me in the coming weeks and months, as I expect to develop a series of proposals or whitepapers that I can present to the cryptocurrency community to solicit funding for this work. My ultimate goal is to establish a multidisciplinary research lab that can benefit the entire cryptocurrency ecosystem.

Also, I'm hiring graduate students -- if you are interested in getting paid to get a PhD in Computer Science in beautiful Colorado Springs studying the game theory of distributed ledgers and cryptocurrencies, please contact me as soon as you can. If you're a good fit for my research lab, you can apply at any time and possibly start taking courses and working with me as early as August 2018.

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Congrats @biophil! Sorry, no "professor". Here you will remain biophil, as written in the blockchain for eternity...

Congratulations doc. looking forward to hear more about your new research projects in DLT

Congratulations! I look forward to hearing about what you are up to next :)


Hopefully it will involve some good hard math that makes the world a better place. :)

I was able to understand more than 70% of the write ups with the exceptions of few abbreviations and crypto terms.

Congratulations for the Academic achievement "Doctor Brown".

Congratulations @biophil Dr. Phil, uh, Doc Brown, uh Doctor Philip Brown. Way to go. I graduated from college as well many years ago and it was not easy but I am sure it was much easier than your study. I have a Bachelors Degree in Graphic Design and English with an Associates in Photography. Graphic design because I love art. English because I love words and creative writing. Photography because I love everything beautiful about Mother Earth. Have an Amazing Weekend Brother.


Congratulations on your getting Ph.D. and becoming the tenur-track professor.
Prof. Brown.

I came to know you from

since you voted at my comment which I never expected vote from others.

I have been to Colorado Springs a few times and still need to visit there periodically.
It's also quite rare case in Korea, I guess.

I am interested in your study, and I wish that I were young to apply to study DLT. I will try to read your posts with some time.

Thank you for letting me know you.


I often vote for replies to gentlebot; I created him.

Glad you're interested!


Oh, you are the creator of @gentlebot, @biophil.
Great, Prof. Brown.
Glad to know that.


I guess that somehow the same comments are written twice.

Maybe the slow steem and careless user, me caused this, I guess.

Here I replace the comment to this, before it is inscribed.


May I ask one question ?

What language did you use to create @gentlebot ?
And What language do you recommend if I am interested in blockchain programming like such bot development ?
I was once used several languages Fortran, C, VB, php, etc to develop some small programs.

Is the @gentlebot open-source so that I can see to study ? (just curious)


I used python. Really, if you want to do real blockchain development, you need C++ because most industrial-grade blockchains are created in that. I've been happy with Python for my simple stuff.

Gentlebot isn't open source, but you could check out to see a public app I created.


Thank you very much for your kind and quick reply.

I am not interested in the 'industrial-grade blockchains' since I know my limitations.

I would be happy only if I can do a small niche development with Python like 'your simple stuff, @gentlebot'.

Thank you very much again, for the github info, too.

You are already my professor in my mind.

congratulations Doc

congrats!! you are a thinker. so, no surprise from me though... :)

Congratulations Dr. Brown! :)

Congratulations mate

Congratulations, @biophil!