Taxemes or how to achieve decentralized control of tax-rates

in #res-currency4 years ago (edited)

Darwinian selection as a regulatory system makes every replicating unit part of the control system. In genetic evolution, each individual fungi, or plant or animal or single-celled organism is part of the decision making process which guides how their DNA evolves. With memes, each single brain is empowered to steer the evolution of the meme-pools in which it engages.

Since each person grows their own branching schemes, they are affected by the culture of Taxemes which they partake in. My eureka for in 2012 for transaction-pathway based wealth redistribution, what I call swarm-redistribution, which since there were no clear boundaries in which to place a central authority for tax-rates inspired me to think about some form of P2P governance system, meant that each person had a visceral incentive to select tax-rates which were beneficial to them.

The personalization which is inherent to dividend pathways and branching schemes made possible a feedback system in which darwinian selection could be used. Put another way, memes rely on their embodiment and co-opts lower-level survival instincts, and genes also rely on feedback systems where good genes improves the life of the organism.

It's only if the redistribution-pathways are decentralized, that people have an incentive to do actual work to spread and seek out Taxemes which are beneficial to them. Just like people curate social clubs, and meme-environments which improve their careers or social and financial prospects, so too would people, within a system where it benefits them, work hard to curate Taxeme environments that are beneficial to them.