Swarm Redistribution - ELI5

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Swarm Redistribution uses dividend pathways

contract SwarmRedistribution is RES {
    struct dividendPathway {
        address from;
        uint amount;
        uint timeStamp;

    mapping(address => dividendPathway[]) public dividendPathways;

Each transfer() of RES creates a dividend pathway

/* Send RES tokens */
function transfer(address _to, uint256 _value) {

    /* Create the dividend pathway */
                                    from: msg.sender, 
                                    amount:  _value,
                                    timeStamp: now

    uint256 taxCollected = _value * taxRate / 1000;

Sends the collected tax to swarmRedistribution(_to, taxCollected), computes a swarmTree with all nodes connected to _to via dividend pathways, all nodes connected to those nodes, and so on, using iterateThroughSwarm(), then gives a share of the tax to every human in that swarm tree.

Then decays the dividend pathways,

    bool human = isHuman[node];

    if(human) balanceOf[swarmTree[i].node] += share;
    if(dividendPathways[parent][index].amount - _taxCollected > 0) {
      dividendPathways[parent][index].amount -= _taxCollected; 
    else removeDividendPathway(parent, index);

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I'm trying to understand this, looks very interesting and promising.

I found the very end of your article here (https://medium.com/@resilience_me/try-out-proto-taxemes-c0d27f3ae36a#.l0n8yjvmy ) to be ELI5 for the taxeme concept. There, you explained it so it can be easily understood. Thanks for all your work on this!