Branching schemes and tapping into unharnessed network potential

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In a chat with Nathan, he mentioned that there was a really simple point Vince Meens made in a recent podcast that the entire financial network of daily transactions right now is not tapping the value of that network. The main resource which swarm-redistribution taps into, is transactions as a network.

Networks as a Natural Resource

In The Coming Quantum Revolution, D-Wave Founder Eric Ladizinsky talks about that there are radical leaps in culture and technology when humanity discovers new ways to harness nature.

The first Proof-of-Concept for Resilience from 2014 included a visual graph aimed to show how the chronology and networks of transactions was harnessed, using dividend pathways, to build the Resilience network and swarm-redistribution.

The videos which were launched simultaneously also illustrate the transaction network, comparing it to blood vessels in a human body.

Branching schemes

In branching schemes, each branch behaves like its own wealth transfer system. Branching schemes mimic the motivational drive of pyramid schemes, but in contrast to pyramid schemes, the Resilience protocol and its branching schemes is ever-growing, ever-branching, and old nodes are pruned away as their dividend pathways are used up.

Like a pyramid scheme, the network effect of these branching schemes lead to high rewards for the customer, as long as the network keeps being used. The entire swarm-redistribution system is built on harnessing transaction networks that have not been utilized in the past.