Trending page is good for marketing but not the reality

in reputatiton •  3 years ago  (edited)

You tell somebody join to Steemit because there is possibility make money by blogging, commenting and voting. They won't believe it at the first. You ask them to go Steemit website to see if you don't believe.

Now they will see all the trending page posts which make over 1000 dollars. Immediately they get interested about the site. They start reading posts and decide to join Steemit. Then they will start blogging.

After first post, 19 votes & $0,05 they wonder how can somebody make 15000 dollars here when I didn't get even 20 votes. They don't stop writing. They start thinking about how I could make money on the site.

They continue writing every day hours and hours and didn't earn anything. After couple of weeks making posts while earning between $0,04 - $3,34 they start thinking how the hell I can make money on here? Should I quit or continue.

They decide to continue. They start searching how to make more money. They find about chat and they also see strange posts where is some featuring authors. They'll go to chat and start making friends. They start gaining followers and even get to feature on some famous writer blog.

They find out that famous writers who have more followers usually earn more money. So they'll stop envying and criticizing other Steemians and give useful comments to other Steemians.

After couple of months they see that Steemit has more users and they have more followers. They make some dollars every post which they write but didn't ever get over 1000 dollars.

That's cold fact that in Steemit where are 50,000 users not everyone will get huge amount of money. But being persistent and enjoying contributing to community you will have great reputation which help when Steemit goes viral!

By then you will make here more money than any other blogging site. :)

Happy Steeming!

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