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RE: Some Interesting Facts About Reputation on Steemit

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I came across your article while searching for information about reputation - thank you for enlightening me!
"Upvotes on old posts have no effect on reputation. That’s too bad. Old but popular posts should earn something."
I totally agree and wish there was a way to reward people for old posts because I for one like to search for content relevant to the current questions / interests I have. Do you think resteeming has any value there? If not, they should totally "reopen" the earning capacity of a post once someone resteems your article after the original payout.


@wildwanderer, thanks for your comment. I appreciate it.

Resteeming might be of some help if for no other reason than to get some name recognition for the author. Additionally, if the author is still active, new conversations (like the one we are having here) can also yield an opportunity to reward them. [Please don't take this as a hint or other passive aggressive suggestion.]

Rep is one of those things that a lot of people don't fully understand. Even people that have been here a long time have misconceptions about it. So I always think it's a good thing to spread that knowledge whenever can.

Thanks for pointing that out actually because I didn’t really think about that - I wish my upvote was worth more (still getting there) 😉

I love sharing the love wherever I can 💙

Yeah, i think its a good thing. In fact, Steemit is bringing back perpetual edits, or so i hear. Which will allow people to edit their posts and keep them relevant. Perhaps they could make comments to upvote as well.

I also wanted to tell you not to worry about the value of your vote. That will come with time. Until then, be frivolous with both your upvotes and your comments. Most of the authors here crave the interaction with humans, and your ability to provide that interaction is on par with any whale out there.

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