My Steemit Reputation: 373,876,811,990 or approximately 48.15

in reputation •  5 months ago

Glanced over my stats on and was surprised when I saw my hundreds of billions unit reputation. I don't know how that stuff is calculated, but I found it odd/funny that I have over 373 BILLION in Steemit reputation points/units of measurement. (for reference, new users have hundred million unit reputations)

How it's converted into my reputation of around 48 is a mystery to me. I would prefer if my billion unit reputation was the one that people see on my profile. :P

My ego could certainly use the boast from that kind of BIG number being on display. hehehe ;)

Nate @lundgreenman


Photo: My nephew thinking about something deep. (probably, hehe) I took this photograph in east/northeast Texas.

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Its pretty crazy..I was just thinking about this yesterday! :)


Yeah, it's funny to think about and it's quite an odd system but I guess there is some method to their madness. :)


I swear sometimes I feel like Russell Crowe in "A Beautiful Mind", locked away in a room trying to figure out how all the algorithms work ;D

Good reputation. This is due to your hardworking.


Thanks for the compliment. :)


Most welcome.