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RE: Some Interesting Facts About Reputation on Steemit

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I used to think reputation was a function of interaction within the Steemit space.

Like the more followers, upvotes and comments you get, the higher your score.

Don't know about all of the tech stuff but from your piece, the algorithm is a good place to start.

Thanks for sharing @moeknows

It's been a while



Hey Gray! (<====That's my first poem in a week)

Yeah, you would think, right. The whole experience was kind of eye opening to me. Now, you could say that the more you comment, the more opportunities you have to being upvoted. So in that sense, comments help. They also help you to make connections which will get you more upvotes as well.

Like this one?


PS: What poem? Those two words? Hmm


Yeah, I get



Yep, exactly.

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