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RE: Some Interesting Facts About Reputation on Steemit

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At least it's consistent with the "Money talk" libertarian anarchy dystopian model of Steemit.

What's reputation? How much money you got.
What's SP? How many boot-lickers you'll get for your money.

What's content? An excuse to transfer money and a fig leaf to say this is more than just a money-driven platform.

Also, something you get rewarded for, now and then. But any correlation between content and its quality to rewards is almost random.


It's not that much in line with libertarian philosophy because it prevents the ability of the market to effect outcome. In libertarian philosophy, the idea is that unpopular actions and behavior will lead to a decrease in reputation and preference for competitors. In this case, reputation is shielded along the way.

To clarify, not actual libertarian philosophy, but more the philosophy of most self-professed "libertarians" now, the ones who can also be described as "neo-conservative," even though it's quite the opposite.

I did specify it's the "dystopian" brand :D

Yeah, nowadays, terms get thrown around so much that you can't really tell what people mean when they tell you, "I'm a ..." whatever. It's so confusing.

even though it's quite the opposite.


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