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Watch your step when you walk on a nature trail in Florida.


I crossed paths with this beauty one early morning, slithering across the trail.


I've encountered Dusky Pygmy Rattlesnakes before, so I knew to be careful considering they are venomous.


Their markings are so amazing, a beautiful marbeled jigsaw puzzle with a brilliant copper line across the top.


This little baby was only about a foot long, yet so incredibly beautiful.


We spent some time together and then he began to curl up into classic rattlesnake position.


I love this last close up - he was watching me much more carefully than I realized. I considered using my macro lens, but I'm not quite that brave or stupid.

All pictures taken by @rawruss with a Nikon D3400 w/ 70 to 300mm lens. Don't tread on me, baby.


Cool i've never seen a pygmy rattler before. Looks pretty tough in its black outfit. In arizona i used to see plenty of diamondbacks and saw a mojave a couple times.

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