Renewed myself

in #renewedlast year

I felt the pain spread to my body, as if I were drinking poison. I felt like a punch in my belly, I was breathless. He plans to come to the hotel with his lover, convincing me that he really wants to grow old.


This time it was supposed to be cut off, but at that moment came to power and chose to be bad with evil. I pretended to be asleep, so that she wouldn't see my face being blurred. He went to the phone on the nightstand when he got out of the bathroom, but he couldn't see anything because I deleted the message. Somehow they'd talk later.

She was so happy when she came to dinner. He hugged me and kissed me. He put candles on the table. Opened a stylish bottle. He said to our health. Will you marry me? It looks like he hit the wall as he walked right in front of him. She tried to smile. Yeah, of course he could. I acted like I never knew his joy escaped. As soon as we get back, let's make a fresh start.


I renewed myself. I had botox in my neck with my forehead. I raised my boobs. I regularly put boy-sized photos on Facebookdla Instagram boya. The two of us are wrapping up, the kids are on their daddy. But this one still turns yellow. One hand on his pulse all the time. They're fighting with her boyfriend, obviously. In the meantime, but we do not yell at it as ota, do not break the goods paid by donkey load. I never say anything about a girl.

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