Wind power plants still can't withstand a strong storm

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Hurricanes such as Florence and Harvis show what terrible power they have and people just need to hide.

New research by scientists shows that there is a way to fight such hurricanes before they reach the mainland. And best of all, it can even help produce renewable electricity.

Current wind farms are stalling in extremely high winds. They are simply not designed to withstand strong storms. So such wind farms will not stop hurricanes, and they may end up working as follows:

According to a study published by Environmental Research Letters, computer models show that offshore wind farms "pump" energy from hurricanes and make them rise up to the sky. This reduces the amount of precipitation and the extent of destruction.

By 2020, there will be created new wind farms that will be able to withstand storm and hurricane winds, helping not only to protect coastal cities and their people, but also to produce renewable electricity.

What are the dangers of wind power and how can this lead to very serious consequences?

Lee Miller and David Keith from Harvard University have been studying data on the operation of US wind power plants over a long period of time, and to meet current American energy needs, such power plants should be equipped with 12% of the continental US. That is, wind power has purely physical limitations.

 By borrowing energy from atmospheric air currents, we are slowing them down, among other things. It turned out that the impact of turbines can redistribute heat in the lower atmosphere: 0.54 C in the region where turbines are located and 0.24 C in the mainland.

They also came to the conclusion that a large wind turbine park would have been in operation for more than a century until the reduction in CO2 emissions into the atmosphere would compensate for the local warming effect.

  Calling the atmosphere an inexhaustible source of energy is difficult, and efforts to extract it will have serious consequences. And they will not wait for a long time.


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