Minimal (own artwork)

in renderlovers •  2 years ago

Tools used - zbrush, cinema 4d, redshift renderer.

the scene

Thanks 4 watching!

all the q-s (if they finally will appear=) - will be answered!)

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You must have a powerful computer there @mrgreen, I tried to render some simple images and it took me hours. Very cool work you got there, it's almost like special effects in movies!


кор ай 5 + 8 оперативы всего)
от "powerful computer" я б не отказался конечно же))..

Wow I really love this. You should get it 3d printed so I can have it as a lamp shade :)


ammm.. thanks!)..never thought that this could be the lamp)) just a concept. actually I was playing with "atmosphere" effect more than with idea of it's usage))

Wow! Would like to learn to use this software! Well done for the idea! I love it :)


well, I think there is nothing complicated with this software)


Thanks for the encouragement hehe


if.. let's say.. forget all U know about UI in programs and.. reset Ur mind))).. then Zbrush can be learned in a week))