Leonardo Render is an innovative solution in the field of rendering based on the blockchain

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Leonardo Render is a new platform created especially for those users who need rendering support. Using this platform https://leonardorender.com/, work on graphics visualization will become much more productive, but at the same time more convenient and faster.
The work of Leonardo Render is based on blockchain technology, which means that now rendering will become easier, easier and more accessible to a wider range of people.Becoming a user of the Leonardo Render platform, you will be able to have access to all the computing power of the platform. This solution is the most affordable, simple and fast way of cloud graphics visualization.
When creating Leonardo Render, the main task of the developers was to give the simple user the ability to creative solutions when processing graphics in real time.


  1. Ease of use. Visualization is very simple in the implementation process, but not for users of Leonardo Render! After all, with this platform, which has its own cloud service, you'll save your time and effort.
  2. Speed. Working with Leonardo Render is always fast and high quality. The speed of the tasks will depend on how many graphical processes you have chosen, which comes from how complex the process you have chosen and based on your financial capabilities.
  3. Security. The development of Leonardo Render in the field of security, based on data encryption and security Protocol, will fully preserve and protect your personal data.
  4. Cost cutting. Leonardo Render is the most profitable solution when working with a cloud service that does not require purchases. The price starts from 25 cents per hour using the graphics processor.
  5. Large-scale capabilities. Blockchain technology allows you to use decentralized computing power in an unlimited number.
  6. The advantage for the miners on the cards. The use of the infrastructure of a kriptomayning computing capabilities with high performance. The stability of the cost of services in Fiat will undoubtedly increase the profitability of miners in the field of rendering services.


WHY Leonardo Render ?
Rendering in a decentralized cloud service will cost you several times cheaper than if you were engaged in the creation of a collective farm for visualization. Visualization with Leonardo Render takes a few minutes. You do not need certain skills and knowledge in this area, even if you are a beginner. As Leonardo Render in a short time will be useful to large studios, because the complexity of computer images is increasing every year.
You will be able to truly appreciate all the advantages of images to small details and you will be surprised by their realism. Your customers will be delighted and it will provide a breakthrough in your business.

The development PATH of Leonardo Render
1st quarter 2018-testing and alpha development;
2nd quarter 2018 – the beginning of private placement;
crypto-payment Work start of Beta-Testing Stage 1
LEOS token depositing system;
3rd quarter 2018-development of a dispute system Beta testing Phase 2;
4th quarter 2018 – the release of the beta version of the platform;
1st quarter 2019-finished platform release;
Q2 2019-expansion of application support;
The expansion of network infrastructure.
3rd quarter 2019-full app support;
4th quarter 2019 - development of Leonardo Lab.
1 quarter 2020-infrastructure expansion;
development of Leonardo Lab.
2nd quarter 2020 – launch of the Leonardo Lab.
3-4quartal 2020 - full network infrastructure coverage

TEAM Leonardo Render

**Marco Jodice * * CEO and co-founder, bimet numerous awards. He is engaged in music, sound design, 3D modeling design, animation and VR programming. Among his achievements: 7 Cannes lions, Spikes 1 Grand Prix and award Gong for Best Sound Design in conjunction with the Gray Group Singapore.
*Adrian song * - Director of public relations, multidisciplinary designer, engaged in the creation of concepts and materials for interactive design, architecture, industrial design and packaging. His work in Leonardo Render are intended to help reach uncompromising results in time , while requiring minimal effort.
*Taylor Milova * - project Manager. Worked with Visual Architectural Renderings in 3D and 2D, participated in the development and implementation of Virtual Reality applications. It brings years of experience from design to the Leonardo Render ecosystem, managing the complex relationships between production and cloud computing.
** Marcin Guki * * - technical Director. He has 15 years of experience in architecture. Computer specialist Marcin worked at IBM as a technical Manager and the DB2 administrator. The software for Leonardo Render required 4 years of development based on GPU virtualization. Its creation allows Leonardo Render to offer the most sophisticated and innovative cloud rendering services on the market.
*Delon de Metz * - Director of strategic development. Blockchain technology Manager focused on corporate strategy and expertise in technology and Finance. He studied at Harvard University and graduated with a degree in Economics.

Leonardo Render is a very necessary and useful product that will change the work of visualization. To be useful to many people employed in those areas where opalocka images and videos. Today it is the most affordable, profitable and easy to use product that will improve your work and save your time and money.

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If you want to get acquainted with Leonardo Render and its product in more detail, you can do it at the following links:
WEBSITE: https://leonardorender.com/
WHITEPAPER: https://leos.cryptonomos.com/Leos_WP_ru. pdf? _ga = 2.149226609.634357212.1535533124-421623789.1534967149
ПРОДУКТЫ: https://leonardorender.com/products/
ICO: https://leos.cryptonomos.com/
TELEGRAM: https://t.me/leonardorender
FACEBOOK: https://www.facebook.com/leosleonardorender/
MEDIUM: https://medium.com/leonardo-render
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