RENC's eco-friendly electric cars

in renc •  last year 
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This project, in its importance, definitely exceeds all the others several times. Friends do not stop asking me about your project.

Just Started Following You...
Thanks for sharing such a good information about electric Car; a time will come when everyone has to use Electric Vehicle​.
Thank You,
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Excellent project.

great project

very cool project

Awosome project.

nice project keep going forwad team
airdrop partipate

I learned about this project from a friend. He's a fan of the new era of crypto-currency.
I read the white paper, I watched the video, I recognized the project team. I believe that this project is definitely waiting for success. Very promising idea of the project and a strong team

useful program !

The very good project. leverages blockchain technology in two manners Read more WP. It is very interesting to observe the development this project.

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I think it has big future.


nice i like this

Doing the airdrop now!

Nice project and best team.