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Sunsquall's Synopsis:

  • He starts out discussing cryptocurrencies and future mystery projects.
  • April results: Noting some interpretation errors. Kind of seems like all of them could see, but interpreting what they are seeing was not as "on target" as in the past.

June viewings:

  • A beautiful lovely "private" type beach area. The people are tan- maybe Hispanic- feels like a "foreign beach". People seem happy and weather is great. Well- apparently an argument broke out or something went wrong. Weapons come out and shots fired... also mentions something explosive- "bomb like"- people are scared and leaving- and there are dead bodies on the beach. She draws the subject's face. (To me it sounds like Gaza.)
  • A silver, white, black "rocket like" thing launches and explodes and falls to the ground. People are surprised. Feels like an electrical problem.
  • Industrial area along the coast with hot flowing caustic type air. He thinks he might be overlaying the Hawaii volcano. Messy debris in the area as well. Scared people tumbling inside a "container". A projectile flying thru the air downward spiraling and crashes.
  • A street in a town with lots of people, people in uniform, a concert band/orchestra playing "presidential" type music. The buildings along the road have balconies. A celebration like a parade with black cars- she says "Happy funeral feel". Vintage buildings and feel- colors are red, white, and blue. Presidential motorcade type celebration. She hears bombs/shooting happening unexpectedly. "Feels like an assassination." Injured subjects.
  • Urban city near water. Men in uniform. Bombs going off- like a war zone. Parachuting men raining down. Lots of death. (Jeez- this sounds awful- I hope this viewing is wrong.) Men feel Western or Israeli.

Okay- well none of that news sounds good at all. Let's hope for interpretation errors this month too.


Welcome to the Time-Cross Project conducted at The Farsight Institute. Remote viewers describe major news events a month before the events actually happen. The remote-viewing sessions are recorded live on video, and uploaded to YouTube. YouTube lists the publication dates for the videos, so everyone can be certain that the remote-viewing sessions are done the month before the events occur.
Table of Contents (Time in minutes:seconds during video):

  1. Cryptocurrency Project Update - 0:45

  2. New Mysteries Project Announcement - 4:03

  3. Recap of April 2018 Results - 4:56

  4. New June 2018 Predictions - 14:52

  5. First report by Melena Hall - 15:05

  6. First report by PrinCess Jeaneé - 30:52

  7. Report by Rock Arkie - 35:02

8: Second report by Melena Hall - 43:06

9: Second report by PrinCess Jeaneé - 55:43

10: Final recap - 1:00:50

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