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When REMIT faces globalization, obstacles between countries have diminished and global interactions between people and goods have become more comfortable. Especially because of the increase in the internet, the range of remittance transactions and overseas fees is increasing rapidly. Even though such a huge market has spurred monopolistic monetary institutions, the obstacles between customers are still excessive and transparency continues to be a permanent problem. First, transactions «foreign money transfers» are slow and ineffective because of systems such as the SWIFT network while Money Transfer Operators such as banks and non-bank Fintech organizations have limitations in scalability and development.Furthermore, the «exchange rate» that emerges when discussing world finance is changing in as we examine relying on the political and economic hobbies between countries. Under these situations, there have been many revolutionary attempts to ruin inefficient constructions through applied sciences primarily based on the blockchain. The core technological know-how of the first generation blockchain used to be transparency and security via the Distributed Ledger Technology.It would seem - it's convenient, but there are also pitfalls in this scheme. People generally do not trust the banks and services that offer such transfers. That's why people are looking for alternative ways to transfer money without intermediaries.After the beginning of the era of technology, this became real!And it is the REMIIT project that will help you to understand this.


We have temporarily discussed above that existing methods of transferring money and long distance prices have many problems. These are real stories related to current monetary structures and lifestyles that were considered problems that were again and again, and were constantly raised with the help of several groups that were already working on solutions based on block relationships.Remittance certainly capacity sending out money. However, this is a lexical meaning in the dictionary. From the point of view of businesses, remittances cowl not only an easy transfer, however additionally repayments and in addition extends to «what occurs when we ship and get hold of something.» REMIIT appears at these problems from this standpoint: there exists a reoccurring remote places fee problem in the huge scale of remote places remittances market, which is derived via «issues related to alternate and use. Below are some problems our platform seeks to address;> Reliability and security issues> Cost-effectiveness(Commission and efficiency) issues> Infrastructure issue.


REMIIT intends to introduce innovation into commercial companies "what happens when we send and receive something" from a new perspective. This is a place where REMIIT's private ecosystem is based entirely on the technology of blockchain technology know-how. REMIIT has developed REMIIT Smart Contract so that the system is effectively scaled. Every participant from REMIIT Ecosystem is at the center of a business relationship.Thanks to this ecosystem infrastructure, each participant can create many channels to overcome existing problems. Ultimately, barriers from the previous external trade ecosystem will be overcome through the use of more than a few channels, the market will grow, and businesses will grow.


The first revolution of the blockade was bitkoyn and was used to fill at once to transfer with the help of millions of people. The second revolution is in the block chain. Blockchain is tested and used in various industries and is related to each other.In this sense, it is possible that the block will be commercialized in the near future.This technology, similar to the Internet, should make the world more connected and environmentally friendly, and not only in the money sector, but also in various fields. REMIT will create new types of companies and opportunities that have never existed before, and we need to experience them.






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