One photo a day challenge (249/364) all year long

in remembrance •  3 months ago

Today I decided to share a picture of my late supervisor who passed away about 2 years ago. His name was Bill. He was a very funny yet strict guy. Everyone was always happy around him because he was truly caring.
He served in the military when he was younger. We talk about him every now and then. I miss Bill, he used to call me “Little red riding hood”. I think because I once did a reddish hair style. He had a nick name for everyone. To me he was like an uncle.


That’s my uncle Bill. RIP

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May his soul Rest in peace. Good people are hard to forget.


He gave good advice too. His memory lives on.

May his soul rest in peace...

Take home for others!
Be good to others for your act of good can never be forgotten even when you are gone

Bill. RIP

It is good to remember with fondness those people who leave good memories in our life--

great man ! RIP . some teacher are more than just ordinary teachers

Bill must have been a good person for those nice words that you have dedicated to him today, Bill. RIP.

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Wow, it's a good anecdote, I hope I'll take care of you from where you are.


This is not an anecdote.