Just Remember And You Will Live A Life Of Greatness, Success And Financial Breakthroughs..

in remembrance •  last year

In this video by Joel Osteen I am greatly encourage how to adapt a winner's mindset to achieve victory and life of success just by wearing an attitude of remembrance. In each of life's major struggles or challenges we need not despair but always remember the past events where we see God's mercies at work in our lives.

Only then we can have faith and the positive outlook that the God who made us through those difficult situations and in times where we receive unimaginable grace will act the same; as long as we welcome Him to act by putting our faith in Him to lead us through and once again give us victory and even glory in all situations.

Watch the whole video and be encouraged as what had happened to me. Live a life of positive expectancy, have faith, see the truth, come out to the light and realize the dream life that you always aspire to be.

Much like to what the message in the video says, record the great things God has done to your life. Make it as a mountable trophy. a monument of remembrance and always remember the greatness of our God and how He will consistently deliver us as long as we allow Him to.

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