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This photo taken during our statutory Holiday here in Hk last April 5.

During statutory holiday and sunday most of the Filipina or Filipino here in Hong Kong the spend thier time in different activities like the went to the beach , some have a picnic party , karaoke ,hiking and etc.
But for us we chose to have prayer walk from one certain place to another that we dont take bus or train but we walk.Prayer is powerful that is the time we communicate with God what we ask for ,the things we thankful and etc that is according to His will.![IMG_9980.JPG]
This is my church mate and our Pastor,each have prayer partner while we walk and instead of talking with each other about something or anythings we spend prayering and talking with God.It was a worth day spending time with our fellow sisters in Christ ,we dont feel tired of walking because God is with us ..IMG_9981.JPG
After we walk for an hour and end our prayer walk at our church ,we have a fellowship ,lunch together ,sharing foods that each one brings.We put at the center the foods what we brought and shared each other..Its was a fruitful day ended.IMG_8792.JPG
Thanks to all my followers and my @steemians family,God Bless everyone.

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Awesome post, prayer is the best weapon to all trials, ask God to accompany you if He allow that trial maybe He's preparing you.

Thanks jane,Prayer is powerful

Nice photo of togetherness. I also, like to meditate/pray when I walk, especially in nature or along Water. But I also can prayer walk in the city by tuning worldly surrounds out and focusing on great things in life.

Thanks @katinamc ,wherever we walk crowded or not we can pray in our heart and mind , really a fruitful event for us in praying together that God move the heart of the people to know more about word of God,praying for healing ,protection and anything we think while we walk we prayed