At the time the mistake is not forgiven

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Although the moment of Eid al-Fitr is not a moment to forgive each other, in my opinion, apologizing and forgiving each other during Eid is a good and very profitable culture. If we take advantage of this moment with sincerity from the bottom of our hearts, then this annual moment can be our savior moment in the hereafter.

Why? Because of the mistakes and sins that we commit, based on their subject can be divided into two: mistakes / sins to God and mistakes / sins to humans. The condition for forgiveness of sins / sins is, if the subject we are guilty / guilty of is pleased with and forgives.


An ustadz said that mistakes / sins in Allah are more "easy" for us to ask for His forgiveness. With the sincere repentance of the brother and sister; feeling sorry and trying hard not to repeat it - and the belief that God is the recipient of repentance is also all loving and merciful, our mistakes / sins can be forgiven.

Mistakes / sins in humans, in addition to repentance also need to get pleasure and forgiveness from the person concerned that we are guilty / committed sin on him. Well, at this point ... actually we have to be really careful. If we make a mistake / sin on someone, then he doesn't forgive us, then his business will continue to the hereafter. So that mistake in humans, should not be considered trivial ...

Unconsciously cursing people on the highway, for example until the person feels hurt. How do you try to apologize and thank you? Write a status that offends other people until someone else is hurt ... how to apologize? writing articles on blogs that offend other people ... there are so many potentials we make mistakes and sins in our fellow human beings.


So, once again, we really have to be grateful to be facilitated by the culture to have a special moment to apologize and forgive those who often interact with us, in the halal bi halal event. For years following the halal bi halal ceremonies both at family and at the activity site, I saw that there were those who did the program with forgiveness (musafahah) as mere routine moments. Well, attitude like this might make a friend of mine say "I don't like halal bi halal. It is as if everyone can make mistakes as he pleases, and then lightly without sincerity, apologize and assume that mistakes are forgiven when halal bi halal ".

Some others, I see using this halal bi halal in earnest. When shaking my hand, they really, apologized. Sometimes until their eyes get wet with tears. Well, really want to follow this type of people. Utilizing this good culture to truly apologize and apologize. Along with the hands holding each other, the heart hurts.


The problem is, what if we really apologize, but people who are hurt by us, do not forgive? Well, surely this affair will arrive in the hereafter, when we are on the day of reckoning.

There is one knowledge that I just gained in this year's Ramadan. In one of his studies of Al Misbah interpretation, Mr. Quraish Shihab questioned this matter and said that in our condition we are not forgiven, the solution we can do is to ask Allah so that He the Supreme takes over this matter.

He analogizes like we have debt to someone, but we can't afford to pay. So what we can do is, go to the rich, then ask the rich man to take over our debt. Likewise for cases when our mistakes are not forgiven by others. We ask the Supreme to take over our "debt" to people who do not forgive us when they claim us in the hereafter. We hope, His grace that is as wide as the heavens and the earth, will protect us from loss due to the demands of those who do not forgive our mistakes in the world.

There will come a time when we will attend many halal bi halal events. We take advantage of that moment to truly beg forgiveness and forgive. While greeting or sending to everyone, imagine the mistakes we remember about that person, whether they know or what they don't know. Then regret not to repeat it again. And because maybe we don't know who has forgiven us and who is not happy with us, then we really pray too, pleading with Him to take over our affairs with people who do not forgive us in the hereafter.

Thank you very much, I say to all the friends of steemians who have stopped at the steemit @bustamam blog.
Greetings success for us all. forgive the mistakes I have made.
hopefully we will be gathered together with pious people. amen ya rabbal alamin.

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