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Word of the Prophet Sallallahahaihahiwasallam which means:

** "The treasure is lessened by alms." (Muslim history) **

The meaning of Alms is to give some property to someone whose size is not determined. Alms are like trees that are always watered with fruitful hinggan fertile, as well as benefits can bring harmony and sustenance that continues to flow, because with charity will not make us become poor.

Dole is solely concerned not with material alone. because as the saying of the Prophet SAW, *** "every good deed is alms". *** So, alms is actually synonymous with charity of virtue. Even Rasulullah SAW also expressed a smile to your brother is alms.

Alms is highly recommended because of the nature of human beings who are very difficult to share, let alone be generous. Some people think that, let alone to give to others, for myself it is still difficult / less.

Therefore, why many people think, should wait until the treasure is enough first, then give charity. Whereas in practice, the collected treasure is never enough, always less so that alms was delayed.

In many societies we encounter people whose lives have been established, even wealthy, but still stingy, stingy, griping. Even richer the more bahil, so more and more day feel less.

Bicouse feel always less, we are reluctant to give charity. Yet it has been said in the Qur'an, if we want to be sufficient rizki by Allah SWT, must be willing to share charity.

*** In the hadith it is said:
(إن المسلم إذا أنفق على أهله نفقه, وهو يختسبها, كانت له صدقه). رواه مسلم
Meaning: "Abi Mas'ud al-Badri of the Prophet SAW said: actually a Muslim if he gives a living to his family from his labor, then it is a sadaqah for him". (Muslim) ***

There are four virtues of alms according to Rasulullah SAW, namely: First, alms actually contains rizki, the more charity, the more sustenance.

Second, alms can cure diseases, because alms can cleanse the heart and mind.

Third, alms can deny balak, withstand calamities, eliminate difficulties.

Fourth, alms can extend life. By giving alms, our lives will be filled with virtue.

Benefits of alms, dole spent both lots and little will get a noble reward when the world and the hereafter. The above hand is better than the lower hand.

So it is necessary if we give charity, give some of our possessions to the people who really need and not just about giving away some of the treasures in need, but the wider charity benefit will be felt by the person doing it.

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