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@siclone While many evangelicals dictate that you must be baptised by water it actually contravenes the scripture you just quoted.

Mark 1:8 says, "I baptize you with water, but he will baptize you with the Holy Spirit."

To my mind that says literally that baptism with water was only symbolic of baptism of the spirit.

Otherwise you're putting yourself in an elite group "only those baptised by immersion in water" can get into heaven.
This admits no possibility of anyone getting into heaven accept those who attend the "one true church". Which is basically the exact opposite of what Jesus was getting at.

He didn't cast down Ceasar, or Pontius pilot or even Herrad.
He did however cast down the temple, over turned the money changers and threatened the power structures that said "We are the only way you get to God. You must listen to us and do as we say.".

That's why he was crucified. He stood up to ministers preaching what you preach there.
I urge you to pray on that.

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