Celibacy and the Priesthood

in #religion5 years ago

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Pope Francis is religious, but i like and respect him a lot.

Aside the fact that he is so unlike many other religious leaders by having a cheerful, unselfish and generous heart; he's also open minded and often gives room for objective thoughts.

I feel sad that religion places a sexual constraint on him because I don't seem understand why someone should die without experiencing orgasm.

I am not religious, but I share in the opinion that the celibacy law for catholic priests has outlived its purpose and should be either reviewed or repelled.

The law shoots itself on the leg and breeds hypocrisy, because at the end of the day, many of them in reality have sex or jerk off behind close doors. Also, it draws sexually dysfunctional men into priesthood with the disguise of a 'divine call'.

For crying out loud, humans are sexual beings!!! How the fuck do you demand that someone represses his sexual desires for a lifetime simply because he is a priest? To what end, actually? What's the aim? What does it change?

As humans, we have the need for sex similar way we have the need for food, sexual starvation can arguably lead to unproductivity. Sex is not a vice. Celibacy is not a virtue, and it is arguably unnatural.

This is 2018, anyone that still has a noxious perception of sex is either a nitwit or simply demented.

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