Why Israeli support for gay marriage is at an all-time high,76 percent ?

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“According to Hiddush, the religious pluralism group that commissioned the poll released Thursday, public support for allowing gay couples to marry in Israel has reached an all-time high. The group found 76 percent support last year, and just 53 percent in 2009.” Source

I think the reason is in this video where Avi Lipkin, Jewish Rabbi, believes some strange things. Rabbi Avi Lipkin gives lectures to many American Christians in their own churches.
According to Rabbi Avi Lipkin, Isaac and Ishmael ( sons of Abraham) were gays after all. To save you some time Go to around minute 12:40
And he said that Jesus wore the cabba ( black cube , Tefillin)( The one on the Muslim Mecca) on his head. Minute 20:00 ( I thought Jews don’t believe in Jesus)
Also he said Cabba is the sample of freedom Pyramid is a sample of slavery. Minute 29:20
Secret alliance between Israel and Saudi Arabia against Iran and much more.

Not only the Israelis support gay marriage in large numbers, but the PM Netanyahu also is very interested in gays in the whole middle east. We found it strange for the Israeli PM who have six Twitter accounts not to follow and Arab or Muslim leader except Palestinian PM Salam Fayyad. The stranger thing is that he followed the middle eastern guy club.
Here is a screen shot.
natanfollw5 - Copy.png

Click Here to see more of Netanyahou's Twitter Accounts analyzes. If you like this post please vote.

So here you go two reasons for the high support of gay marriage in Israel, political and religious. Long Live The Holly Land.

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