What punishment is there in any sin?

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The evildoer should suffer the social control of sin-this is that the claim of justice. this can be corrected during this world, and within the Hereafter, nobody is within the Hereafter. during this association, it's narrated from Ibn 'Abbas, the most effective tafsir, within the context of the social control of any sin within the worldly world,' If any individual gets engrossed in embarrassment then the concern of the individuals is born. If there's associate fornicator in a very nation, death rates increase. If individuals of any community scale back the measurements and weights, their reciprocals square measure shrunk. Bloodshed unfolds among the individuals of any nation if they're judged fairly. If a nation breaks the promise, Allah imposes enemies on them. "(Muwatta Malek, Hadith Number: 1323)

Embezzlement: Embarrassment may be a sinful crime associated with an abomination. If the owner doesn't forgive, then this sin won't be forgiven. He should burn in hell. Narrated by Zayd ibn Khalid Juhani (a), the aforementioned that someone kidnapped any product in Khyber war. Later, once he died, the Prophet (peace be upon him) didn't teach his janaza. He aforementioned to the disciples, "This companion has embezzled the wealth of Allah's approach." The teller aforementioned, we have a tendency to searched his belongings and located a silk artifact which might be value 2 dirhams. (Tirmizi, Mishkat, P. 242)

Immorality: The social control of the criminal conversation is horrific. Hadith has returned to Sharif, "The worst consequence of criminal conversation is six. In 3 worlds, and 3 within the next. the globe has three: one Beauty is spoiled, 2. Poverty, three Premature death and also the 3 of the Hereafter square measure one. God's disapproval, 2. Accounting hardness and three arduous social control of hell (Crime within the eyes of Islam, E.P. P. 109) Allah aforementioned, 'Do not be too about to criminal conversation. as a result of it's associate indecent and abominable behavior. "(Sura Bani Israel, verse: 32)

The traveler of Allah (PBUH) aforementioned, 'When someone becomes concerned in criminal conversation, then he goes out of his belief and it floats sort of a cloud over his head. Then once he repents, then religion comes back to him once more. "(Abu Daud, Kitab al-Sunnah, Hadith range 4690) He more aforementioned, 'Whoever commits criminal conversation or drinks alcohol, Allah takes away religion from him, The approaching man opens the garment in his head. "(Hakim, 1: 22)

A decrease in amount and weight: it's out to live and scale back weight. this can be the worst literary work and sin poets. As a result, Allah minimized the assembly of crops and gave famine. Allah said, 'Woe to those that provide the lesser measure, WHO take full advantage of the time once consideration from the individuals, and once we live or weigh individuals, we have a tendency to provide less.' (Sura: Mutaffein, verse: 1- 3)

When the Prophet (peace be upon him) migrated to Medina, there was a man of affairs named Abu Suhaila. He had 2 scales in his look. One by one he wont to live the items of others, and with another, he wont to live the products. The verses mentioned in his context square measure discovered. The traveler of Allah (PBUH) once aforementioned to the weighted traders by activity the scales and scales, 'You are entrusted with 2 things, thanks to the neglect of the responsibilities of your individuals, the previous community was destroyed.' (Tirmidhi) He more aforementioned, 'Judgment On the Day (the evil traders) are a quick, nonbeliever and a badman, however, those of them WHO square measure devout, virtuous and truthful, this can be not planning to happen. (Tirmizi, Mishkat, p.244)

Untouchability injustice: injustice, corruption, and dishonesty square measure continually haram and heavy crimes. judgment by judges, corruption is that the additional grievous crime. it's essential to evaluate justice and fairness. The Prophet (peace be upon him) aforementioned, 'The ruler WHO doesn't decide in line with the principles discovered by Allah, Allah doesn't settle for his prayers.' (Hakim) He additionally aforementioned, 'One-class judges can move to Paradise, and also the two-judge judges can move to hell. The decide WHO goes to Paradise is that the decide WHO realizes the reality and justice and consequently judges them consequently. On the contrary, the decide WHO deliberately misjudges the person, WHO realizes the reality, is associate ignorant decide. Even the decide WHO doesn't perceive the reality, and provides the decision in line with his desires, is that the hearth. "(Abu Daud)

Break the promise: it's necessary to satisfy the guarantees created. Prohibition of breaking guarantees and poets of sin Allaah has aforementioned, 'And you fulfill the promise. as a result of you'll be contrite regarding the fulfillment of the promise. (Sura: Bani Israel, verse 34) The Prophet (peace be upon him) aforementioned, 'There isn't any trust within which there's no religion in it. Likewise, the one that doesn't keep the promise, there's no faith in it. "(Baihaqi, Mishkat, p. 15)

He more aforementioned, 'The hypocrites square measure three: they lie, if they speak, break their pledge, and place a deposit, they cheat. In another narration, there square measure four. The fourth is once it quarrels, makes a foul name. '(Bukhari, Muslim, Mishkat, page 17)

Therefore, it seems that the fulfillment of the promise is said to religion. those that lack defiance break the promise. As a result, Allah can force the enemies over them.

Envy: Violence destroys the great. Rasulullah (peace be upon him) aforementioned, 'Stay far from envy. as a result of violence vanishes virtue in much the way that the hearth burns wood. (Abu Daud)

It is obligatory to remain far from envy. as a result of it's silent, that burns and destroys the great things of the individuals. however, there's no news of the person that his goodness goes to finish.
Interest: There square measure seventy sorts of interest. the smallest amount of sin in them is to marry your mother. (Baihaqi, Mishkat, page: 246) and also the highest sin is to fight jihad against Allah. Allah said, 'Those WHO eat the interest (on the Day of Judgment) can stand like somebody WHO has created Devil mad by touching the devil.' (Surah: Bakara, verse: 275)

Bribe: graft may be a curative act. The Prophet (peace be upon him) aforementioned, 'The curse of Allah ta'ala against each the bribe and also the recipient.' (An-Nihaya Fee Gariibi Hadith, Ibn al-Asia, Volume II, page 226)

Drinking and gambling: each alcohol and gambling square measure the works of Devil. Allaah says, 'O believers! Wine, gambling, idolatry, and fate of the law square measure yucky, Satan's work. thus leave it alone, then you'll achieve success. (Surah Al-Mayeda, verse: 90)

Stocks and black market: to stay food stock for worth rise and also the black market is totally prohibited. The Prophet (peace be upon him) aforementioned, 'The one that stops food grains (stock), Allah puts on him plague and financial condition.' (Ibn Majah and Baihaqi, Mishkat, page: 251)

Stealing: purloined may be a terrible crime. Peace stops from the thieving society. The social control is to chop the hand until the wrists. As for the words of God, 'Cut off each hand of the hands of thieves and girls for the crime of thief' (Sura: Ma'ida, verse 38)

Robbery and theft: Serious crimes square measure over robbery, robbery, theft etc. as a result of the thieving is in secret And theft, theft and loot in public. Their social control is to kill, abduct, bring to halt hands and feet and expel them from the country. The Prophet (peace be upon him) aforementioned, 'The one that loots in public isn't one in every of my Ummah' (Abu Daud, Mishkat, p. 313)

At present, all activities prohibited within the holy sacred writing and Hadith square measure being determined within the world. Muslim-non-Muslim nobody is hesitant to sin. Even in any case the various nations, why don't have natural calamities during this association, Allah has aforementioned in verse thirty-three of Sura Anfal. There square measure 2 reasons why natural calamities don't seem to be coming: one. The Prophet (peace be upon him) is gift among the individuals, and his prophecies square measure happening, and also the second reason is that there square measure some pure servants WHO continually pray. These 2 reasons don't seem to be sent to Azab as before. except this, there's another excuse for the Hadith. That is, once the arrival of the Prophet (peace be upon him), Allah has secure to not destroy this nation fully. thus despite the actual fact that thousands of sins don't seem to be gift these days, it is not.


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