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Today I want to share a reflection that I hope will leave you meditating on it, and you can apply it to your lives.

Prov 17:17 A friend loveth at all times, and a brother is born for adversity. King James Version.

I recently heard a story that brings a great teaching, I do not know the truth of this story. But the truth is that with her I could reflect a little about true friendship.

The story tells of a man who committed an offense against the king of a town, this as punishment he decided to be executed within 2 days.

The man, being a prisoner, asked that as a last wish he be granted a trip. For this he left as a guarantee his best friend instead.

If he did not return from his trip over the course of the two days, his friend would take his place by hanging and be executed.

The prison leaders asked their friend that he was there
Are you willing to take the place of your friend, no matter that when he arrives the days have passed and you have died for him?
Affirming with his head answered "Yes I agree, if he does not arrive on the scheduled day, I will take his place by hanging"

When passing the days agreed for the execution, the king when seeing that the man did not return of his trip, annoyed sent the soldiers who will take to his friend in his place.

They put the rope around his neck, just before they pulled the lever. The man came screaming

"Do not kill him!"

The guards surprised at the situation turned to ask the king Do we release the man we have with the rope around his neck, to place the real culprit in this position, and thus kill him?
The king, exalted and moved by such a scene, quickly responded

"yes let it go but today there will be no death, because, I had never seen friends as loyal as these, so release them, they can not die, because, I want them to be my friends."

What a beautiful reflection, imagine your lives having at least one friend with this loyalty; What would we not do? Do you know something that is beyond our understanding? A little over 2018 years ago, a great friend gave his life for us, Jesus.

Showing the value of loyalty, also teaching that if we are not loyal, he always will be.

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