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Today I would like to look at Colossians 3 verse 13

13)Bear with each other and forgive one another if any of you has a grievance against someone. Forgive as the Lord forgave you.

The key to for giving others is that we must always remember how many sins Jesus has forgiven for us, we must forgive others in the same way that Jesus has forgiven us.

I hope you have a wonderful day. May God Bless you.
Soli Deo Gloria

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Another great verse and you made a great explanation! God bless you and your family!


God's love and grace are sufficient for us to do the impossible through the power of the Holy Spirit

I am always praying for you plz praying for me my good thinking for yourself

Beautiful words, our thoughts and words about Jesus should be respectful. Amen! Peace to your home Gloria! thank you my dear friend @rynow.i appreciate your great thought..

He is the most merciful for us!

Golden words dear.

when you respect some one and showing kindness, it first come the forgiveness, amen.

Forgiveness is the best virtue....Very essential post!

A good bible verse for us christian to understand and practice in our daily Christian lives, to forgive one another just as God also forgive us our sins @rynow

You are right to forgive, as God forgives us all our sins. Thank you for sharing Gloria :)

Gold words and need to forgive your abuser. Amen! Peace to your home Gloria!

great to share.

faith of religion.
good luck

A very short but powerful message. Where ever there's hatred and disunity, there's no love and where there's no love, the presence of God can't be there. That's why that passage of the scripture admonished us to be tolerant of one another and forgive each other so that God can easily come into our midst and answer our prayers. Thanks for sharing



Hello @rynow,

Extraordinary good verse from Bible & expressed. God bless you.



Golden words. Thanks for share this post

It is perfectly said @rynow and forgiveness will bring us closer to God!

May God bless you @rynow...
Such a beautiful post..

You are right to forgive people, as the Lord God pardons us. Thank you for sharing.

Thanks a lot for sharing,amen.

god bless you & your family..


Thanks a lot for your holy words,amen.

Thanks a lot for sharing,amen.


Thanks a lot for sharing,amen.

i do upvote and resteem
fallow back and and upvote me @xakarisyed

@rynow - 'Colossians 3 verse 13' you described... God bless you Sir...


God forgives humans. We should also forgive other humans to please GOD

we should forgive others for small mistakes because its a part of life : )

Thanks a lot for sharing,amen.

Thanks a lot for sharing,amen.

Thanks a lot for the holy words,amen.

Indeed, Forgive Because We Are Forgiven.
This is command of God and we need God's Help to forgive by the Power of the Holy Spirit who dwells in us. Thanks for sharing sir @rynow, God bless us all.



Indeed :)

This is amazing words from you,thanks a lot for sharing.

Thanks @rynow
Have a great day

100% like and resteem

Thanks a lot for sharing,amen.

Amen thank GOD

Thanks a lot for your holy words,amen.

Amen. God Bless to you

god bless you & nice day @rynow

tripplegem bless you (same god bless you) @rynow

god bless you dr

amen... wonderful day @rynow

That is how we can move forward all together



Thanks a lot for sharing,amen.

god bless you & amen @rynow

reteemed & upvoted

Amen, god bless you. Thank you for sharing with us

Another great one .... have a wonderful day ... God bless you.

that's very helpful post!!
thank you.

amen :)

Beautiful words _ thanks for share this post

wonderful jeesus post. thanks for @rynow

Very good religion post. Thanks for share this post.

Amen. ..... Thank you for share this post

Forgiving others in spite of differences, liberating and reassuring the soul, is a noble act. God bless you.





Indeed @rynow

Forgive and you will be forgiven, love and be loved, have a happy day friend @rynow

If someone has done anything wrong with you, you should be forgotten, but you'll have to kind to him.

yes agreed..
God give and forgives

we should make it as part of our living

That is one of the core teachings of Lord Jesus and he adviced never develop hatred in heart and forgive everyone and walk towards the path of light. Thanks for sharing this post with us and wishing you an great day. Stay blessed. 🙂



That would be perfect christian faith. Always gods protect us.

the great kindness is forgive instead of taking revenge, amen.

The love of God is also forgiveness, we must forgive so that we can love and be happy ... Blessed day for you, friend @rynow



Great versus @rynow
Forgiveness is the foundation of beautiful society creation. If we maintain good and caring behaviour we will be live in peace.
Very nice msg. Thank you dear.



forgiveness liberates

The hardest part of forgiveness is forgiving.


wise words. Amen.

Thanks for sharing daily scripture content @rynow.

Always have mercy on everyone.

@Rynow, Thanks for shared Christian - trail.

The dispute of humans locks the love between them. Forgiveness is that key which can open that lock so we all should have this key.



God is love and forgiveness.

Amen =)

I hope you have a wonderful day. May Allah Bless you. best of luck .


Thank you for commenting, but as a Christian, I only believe in the one living God, Father, Son and Holy Spirit.

Wonderful writing.... You are a good person....
Thanks for sharing @rynow....

its cool!!

@rynow, Thanks for sharing Colossians 3 verse 13 of Bible word.
God bless you.

Great and amazing bible scriptures @rynow.

Very nice and religious post... @rynow

Another effective religionic scripture...

Thanks a lot for sharing,amen.

Great post. GOD bless you.

As always true words. Thanks for sharing Gloria.

amen >:) awesome veres D:( @rynow

Ameen greatest thinking about religious post

great publishing and great writing experience.

Correct, true words. Thank you for sharing.

I gave you upvote and Resteemed your post,,,,,,,thanku for the sharing.......@rynow

Wonderful religious posting ameen.

Ameen greatest thinking about religious post

All glories of God..Amen