Useless information #61 – TIL about the youngest popes

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On Pope Benedict IX

The history is complicated, but he was probably 12.

Everyone agrees Benedict IX was awful.

His third time as pope changed the course of European history.

He was an awful guy; Made it to 'office' 3 times; He changed the course of Europe. WOW.

More about him:

thanks for the additional source

When I was a child, I was reading a lot about royale families and popes, and remembered the fact we had some popes who where really young. BTW, at those time many popes had a LOT of children, officially not, but people knew, and they still could continue their 'job' as pope, or even become pope. Also interesting to know: popes had GREAT GREAT influence on the Kings around Europe and planning wars amongst each other (all the crusades), or kills of certain people; all to keep power of the church and personal power on all what was happening in Europe.

The eternal fight for power...

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