God and Santa

in religion •  10 months ago


This is the note my daughter left for Santa this year. She’s has been trying so hard to hold onto her belief in the big red man, but I think it has come to an end. Not because her classmates have told her he isn’t real. Not because she can tell the mall Santa is an imposter. Not because we — her parents — have stopped encouraging her to believe.

But because she can’t reconcile why a jolly, generous, magical being like Santa would bestow some children with lavish gifts but leave others empty-handed.

My daughter will stop believing in Santa for largely the same reason I stopped believing in God. But I hope that she realizes that Santa isn’t actually essential to Christmas spirit. And that she doesn’t have to wait for his generosity and good will to help children in need — she can bestow that on others herself.

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Wise and kind girl! :)

My daughter officially came to terms this year about Santa as well. God on the other hand; well, I encourage her to believe in as much as I can.

I stopped believing in God years ago as well and in fact went on my own journey to understand and define the world around me. I felt like I searched for every reason under the sun to explain how God was not real. It didn't work.

For every explanation I came up with there were still more questions unanswered. For example the cliche one (but quite undeniable), If there's no God and the universe was created in the Big Bang, then what caused the Big Bang to occur. Try explaining that without bringing up God. The answer nothing just never sat well with me. I'm quite a logical and sciency guy - something never comes from nothing.

As a middle aged adult, I found my way back to God. He is real. I know it for certain. The only problem I have is trying to get straightened up in my ways.

All the best. Wish you luck in your journey. All I would say is keep asking questions.


Oh and I forget to comment...
Those cookies look very tasty. I'm sure "Santa" enjoyed them. The carrots, I'm not so sure about though. :)

My daughter loves to play along with the Santa stuff, but we told her the truth about it early on. There was no fooling her with the tooth fairy!