1400 years ago Muhammad (pbuh), the scientists found the evidence today

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Muhammad (pbuh) said, "Men's pants or clothes should be read on the toes of the feet. Otherwise they will go to hell. "


  • (Sahih Bukhari 5371)
    Science says that there is a large amount of hormones inside the male ankle and its light needs air. So if someone keeps them covered without opening it, then their sexual energy will decrease and they will be affected by various diseases.
    Muhammad (pbuh) said, "Allah's curse on the plague of the eyebrows"
  • (Sahih Bukhari 5515)
    Science says that eyebrows are for eye protection. If there is some hair in the embryo, then it can become frozen or even die if the fracture falls.
    The Prophet (peace be upon him) said, "It is forbidden to eat liquor"
  • (Sahih Bukhari 6124)
    Scientists say, smoking causes people to die of lung cancer, bronchitis and heart disease. If you smoke, the lips, the teeth of the teeth, the fingers become black. Sexual prominence and hunger also decreases and even less memory.
    The Prophet (pbuh) said, "The use of gold for men is forbidden."
  • (Muslim 1655)
    Science says that gold is a substance that merges with the skin and goes to brine via blood. And if its amount is 2.3 then people will lose all their previous memories.
    Rasullah (pbuh) said, to sleep while sleeping and to sleep through the right tilt.
  • (Sahih Bukhari 3280)
    Science says that the heart pumps well on the right side and sleeps poorly. And if the sleep does not go away, the anatomic juice of the brain can not enter the body, which can lead to cancer.
    Rasullah (pbuh) said, "Cut off the goose and keep a beard."
  • (Sahih Muslim 493 and 494)
    Science says that if you do not have a beard, there is a possibility of losing skin cancer, infection of the lungs and before 40.
    Allah Subhanahu ta'ala said, "And do not even approach adultery. Indeed, it is indecency and the way of destruction. "
  • (Bani Isra'el 32) The work of satanic drunkenness (Maidah 90)
    Science says that if someone is involved in various drug addicts, including pornography and pornography, then intracellular cells in the forearm area of ​​his brain can be thirsty and become unstable. As a result, he is intoxicated to lead a life like a drunken and sick person. And it leads him to ruin.
    Allah said, "And when the Qur'an is recited, then put your ear on it and be silent so that you may have mercy."
  • (Araf 204)
    Science says that the sound of the Qur'an activates the cells of the body in the body, cures the disease, especially the heart and cancer patients. And charging the brain in such a way, just as fused batteries are activated.
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