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Hello Steemians,
Welcome to my blog today.
Today marks the first day in the month of Ramadan 1439AH. I am using this medium to congratulate all MUSLIMS on the blockchain and also wishing them a stress-free fasting.

As we continue the fasting in this noble month, let's endeavour to keep to ALLAH'S warning throughout the month. As we all know there is a double reward for all the good deed we do in this month, there is also a double punishment for every bad deed we do in this month.
Let's not punish ourselves on this, let's restrict ourselves from all sins. God will not punish us if we didn't sin against HIM. Let's be good to HIM as he is good to me. Anticipate as I will be dropping post on the significance of this month of Ramadan. Watch out.
RAMADAN KAREEM. Proudly Muslim.
Thanks for sharing your time,
I remain my humble self @popson

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Ramadan kareem bruh....best wishes


Same here. Many many happy returns. bruh

@Popson, thank you for using the naijapidgin tag.

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