Ukraine War: Russian Orthodox Priest at POW exchange: Interview (ENG TRANS)

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Russian Orthodox Priest attends the latest Ukraine War POW exchange.
This exchange took place in late December 2017. I filmed all
Watch here with full (ENG SUBS)

Full English transcript below:
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Archpriest Andrei Bondarenko - an associate of the Russian Orthodox church in Moscow

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Please, tell about this event and the participation of the church in this.

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From the very beginning of the war conflict in Ukraine the church spoke about peaceful solution of this problem.

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Unfortunately the voice of the church hasn't been heard.

00:00:23,475 --> 00:00:30,840
Church doesn't have that possibilities to stop this war conflict but

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at the moment the meeting that took place two days ago,on the 25th of December

00:00:39,352 --> 00:00:47,900
initiated the beginning of war prisoners exchange what we've seen today

00:00:47,904 --> 00:00:50,000
and as Holy Patriarch said

00:00:50,569 --> 00:00:56,050
this process that has taken place today becomes a beginning of

00:00:56,051 --> 00:01:04,460
an establishing a peaceful situation in the East of Ukraine

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where i live (Balkan) we have kind of blackout, no news from ukraine since long time ago. its quite weird, i mean, we have it all over the news when some bus fell from road somewhere in Asia or Oceania, but not a minute from country which is quite close to us, and where government is shelling its citizens, killing kids and warmongering since 2014.

I live in Baltics,Lithuania to be precise,what I've noticed is that all eastern Europe,Baltics,Balkans, our media is the same,I would even question if they get CIA orders, our media takes everything from CNN or BBC and re-reports it,I believe this was before 2014 war, but just since then I started waching the foreign news and it's word to word same in Lithuanian media,then I went over to Polish sites,same, maybe they have more local real journalism and they don't lie about refugee's and their aren't very fond of Banderovites but they tolerate them,but that's it,all our media is a copy-paste of western media, we don't have real journalism, and now here in Lithuania ppl like me and a lot of independent news pages are put on the page for questioning EU and NATO, you don't have to be pro-Russian to be on the list, if you don't constantly point out how you hate Russia you are a vatnik,I remember the protests infront of seimas,where ppl put up tents, other citizens went up to them and openly called them 'fucking vatnik Russiafaschists', these ppl protesting with tents where infront of seimas because they have criminal cases in court where they are the victims and the law isn't working,the cases have nothing to do with Russia,these ppl lost their homes,one of the case is where an elderly man after an insult was taking evening walks by his house and was attacked by NATO soldier and beat up,that affected his health,it's all have been filmed on security cameras, but there's no criminal case and guess what? not a since article about it either,police doesn't do anything,so the only thing that man can do is go infront of government and ask president Grybauskaite for the courts to open a case,year back ago teachers went on the protest for bigger salary, you know what government and media told them? Stop protesting,you are making Lithuania look bad, they will show you on Russian tv,you are working fom Kremlin, that's how government and media views teachers, I can go on and on, the point is, every problem you bring up they call you a vatnik, I used to be neutral,I didn't even understand any Russian back in the day,now I understand it perfectly, the only 'propaganda' from Russia I've got is RT and they don't even cover Russia,I watched RT because they bring in 3rd party debate,I used to be an Europhile Lithuanian nationalist, but every action this government took pushed me to be pro-Russian and all our nationalists for some reason are pro-American foreign policy so I left the movement, they don't let you be neutral either, you either accept European federalization or you are a Kremlin puppet, you either accept unconstitutional foreign troops on your land or the Russians will invade, you either accept all gay degeneracy of you must be cozy with the Russians, being actualy pro-Lithuanian is criminal.

you kinda described situation in most of the e. european countries. their journalism in sponsored by opensocieties, iries, ndis, nato governments and its their only income. because its crap, and their influence is dropping. few years ago, there was appeal from several countries including Lithuania i think, who were asking more money from EU to battle russian propaganda. like to create new media. because they ruined existing media, by acting like speakers for pentagon and nato.

to prekarijus: will see how you love Russians when they come capture your country territory and kill your peoples...

Yes much of the western world is like that. This is why I am here reporting. I want to show what is really happening

Another good interview and excellent reporting on your part Patrick. Thanks very much for doing what you do getting the truth out. The world needs it right now more than ever. Kind regards.

Thanks so much

"Great job" - keep support Dnr agenda (a terrorist organization) upvote them more!

This priest "pop" has consecrated Kalashnikovs from which you are killing Ukrainians?

who is killing ukrainians?

Mercenaries & soldiers without marking of Putin. They came to our territory on tanks and with artillery, brainwashed population in captured territories, arrange provocations and terrorist attacks across Ukraine trying to break through the corridor into the occupied Crimea, only at the cost of the heroic efforts of our army and, support of volunteers we are keeping them where they are, the local population of Donetsk are being held hostage, they are hiding in densely populated cities, Lugansk and Donetsk. If you dont belive me look in internet many evidence!

Lol try with someone else, ive been there many times before, and after Maidan.
How many times you been on frontline, defending Ukraine with your heroic army?

The Kiev fascist Right Sector Azov Nazi battalions used their violent methods to overthrow the legitimately elected government of Ukraine in 2014. They continue bombing civilians in East Ukraine to this very day....innocent ethnic Russian civilians are constantly being murdered by them. Tell me are all these videos of massive crowds showing tens of thousands of people held hostage by terrorists? No, of course they are not. They chose their own manifest destiny away from the murderous fascists in Kiev. What you are supporting are war crimes conducted upon innocent people who are being labeled as terrorists. It is ethnic cleansing and a fascist Nazi trait. Unfortunately for you, and thanks to people like Patrick and myself, people are seeing through the lies and propaganda.

Videos of Massive Crowds in Breakaway Republics in Former Ukraine and Crimea Prove Western Media Lied about the War

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