Witchcraft and Magic

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Definition of witchcraft and magic

Magic and witchcraft are the arts or pretended art of influenciny events by secrets means of controlling nature or spirits.
The magicians claims to be able to make things happen that have the appearance of the impossible.
The witch claims to be able to help or harm people by means of magic spells or calling up spirits to help him(or her)

This practice of magic is very old. It was known in the most ancients civilization of Mesopotamia and Egypt. It has survived in all parts of the world until present day, although with the spread of scientific knowledge, many people have ceased to believe in it. Some regard it as mere superstition, deception or self delusion. Others however are convinced that magicians and witches have real power to work magic.

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Distinction between miracle and magic

We must here make a distinction between miracles and magic. To outward appearance they may look similar. However, miracle are superstition if the natural order by God's command and power, While magic is based on trucks and mass hallucinations. An example of the distinction is found in the. Qu'ranic description of prophet Musa(Moses)'s encounter with the magicians of the Pharaoh.
Magic was an integral part of the Egyptian religion, and pharaoh, having witness the miracle given to prophet Musa(Moses), called on him to compete with his magicians, They were asked to throw their sticks first. The Quran continues :

66.. And lo! By virtue of their sorcery, their (magic) ropes and staffs seems to him to be wrong to be moving rapidly;
67.and in his heart, Musa(Moses) became apprehensive

  1. But we said. Fear not! Verily it's you that shall prevail
  2. And (now) throw (that) staff in which is in your right hand - and it shall swallow up all that have wrought:(for) and the sorcerer can never come to any good, whatever he may aim at!
  3. (and so it happened (and down fell the sorcerers prostrating themselves in adoration, (and) exclaimed : we have come to believe in the lord of Musa(Moses) and Haroun.

Several point emerges from this description


(verses 66-67):The magicians performance was so impressed that even prophet Musa(Moses) felt afraid. Another verse of the Quran describing the same scene, says

And when they threw down (their staffs), they cast upon the people's eye, and struck them with awe, and produced mighty source.

From this, it appears that these magician are skilled at the combination of visual deception and mass hallucination which are the trick of professional magician.

Verse 68-69 - prophet Musa(Moses) was reassured that the miracle given by Allah to his prophet are of quite a different class from the arts of the magicians, and the differences would soon be cleared.
verse 69- This verse makes it clear that whatever a sorcerer-motives - good or bad, he cannot come to any good.
Verse 70 - it was the magician who at once recognized that prophet Musa(Moses) was not practicing deception, or magic like their own, but was given miracle which only the Supreme God bestoe. They therefore affirmed their total belief in Him,and as the subsequent verse, they were ready to face torture and death rather than renounce their belief at Pharaoh's command. They told Pharaoh.

As for us, behold we have come to believe in our sustainer, (hoping) that he may forgive us our faults and all the magic into which you have forced us (Qura'an 20:73)

From all this, it's clear that the practice of magic is a sin incompatible with the belief in One God

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