The greatest lie ever told is that Jesus is the Deity and merely by believing this you will be saved and everyone else will burn in hell

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What happened to save this world, with Goodwill towards all and peace on earth? Jesus as the Deity breaks the Commandments, there can be only ONE DEITY. No Graven Images of GOD, God is not a man that he should lie, Jesus says many times he was sent by YHWH. The GOD of ALL. The Son of the Deity the prince of peace that has a King and a Lord and a god and a Father and a Master. The one that Stephen says Jesus is standing beside his GOD. Jesus told Satan the Lord God alone will I serve.

The greatest lie ever told is that Jesus is the Deity and merely by believing this you will be saved and everyone else will burn in hell. Faith only judging the world evil. Making wolves out of sheep and sheep out of wolves.

2000 years and Christianity is still at war with the World. Worshiping a man-made up God of Rome just like every other God of Rome. This Jesus never existed till 325 AD. And he is not the prince of peace he has no God above that prayed to that sent him that he observed that taught him. No God that he is the high priest of.

Look what happens though when you place the Son of God back into the Church where he belongs as the sender of the Comforter. And GOD becomes the Rock that all the Churches Synagogues and Mosques are built on. 1 God of All Jew Christian Muslim and Gentile. ! Creator of all that so loved this world that he sent Christ to be his mouthpiece. To not only speak his words but to be a living example of what happens to human beings when we put them into practice with that faith the size of a mustard seed.

This World NEEDS PEACE. And Christianity destroys Goodwill. The GOD Of Christians only has goodwill for a few. And does not call Jesus his Son. Does not Call the Jews his Sons and Daughters, not even his children. According to this Faith of Christians, all Jews Muslims all other religions and many denominations are all cursed. No love for you from this God that was the God of the Jews, not the Romans. Rome that comes to kill steal and destroy. England that comes to kill steal and destroy Europe that comes to kill steal and destroy. Now America has become the Devils too.

Instead of the Faith that we CAN, that American, it is the Vatican and no one else will do. They claim to Own Everything as Rulers and Dictators always do. But we can use the Son of GOD to make Peace! And end this Monopoly of Rome of the word of God. By repeating the Truth, this is what the Messiah says and it has not changed much in 2000 years. The Word GOOD still comes before God and his Christ his Son that he must love very very much. Good is not faith alone if your works are of the Devil then so are you.