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By Cullen Smith of Lifting The Veil with some graphic additions by **Carina Alva. **NOTICE: DO NOT REPRODUCE ON OTHER CHANNELS, BLOGS OR SITES, BUT YOU MAY SHARE THIS PAGE AROUND TO HELP SUPPORT THE WORK. THANK YOU! All rights reserved on the text and watermarked graphics.

**The Jesus crucifixion story is one of the deepest and most well encoded archetypal allusions ever made. **

So much more about religions are covered in my full ebook presentation "SECRETS OF ALL RELIGIONS! True Ancient Hidden Evidence of Religious Origins" >>


These stories are written in ALLEGORIES to mask the TRUE ESOteric wisdom, hidden from the EXOteric masses of religious and corporate mind control, who are EXcluded or EXcommunicated from the INNER TEMPLE of the wisdom of the wise-dome (your skull, your noggin, your head, your DOME, your MIND and HEART!). The entire universe can be easily understood and comprehended with symbolism alone. It speaks directly to the Knower within you, the Source of your connection to the Creator and the Divine Creation. **

** "***Neither shall they say, Lo here! or, lo there! for, behold, the kingdom of God is WITHIN YOU!" *



Remember, the Bible is written in Parables and we all know that parables are a riddle, designed to trick you and keep you "beating" (or fighting) around the bush, searching for that pot of gold at the end of the rainbow (which never comes) and thus never actually finding the GOLDEN EASTER EGG hidden INSIDE the dome, which is the true knowledge of the human being, your MIND!! Hence, why Jesus plays the archetype of the whimsical jester or the trickster, the Path of the Fool in the Tarot, which will be hidden as an easter egg later in the presentation, which you will likely miss. **

"the Kingdom of Heaven is WITHIN YOU, and whosoever shall KNOW THEMSELVES shall find it!"- Ancient Egyptian Proverb

Jesus was taken and crucified between two polarities, on #Golgotha "The Place of the Skull" which is the MOST HOLY PLACE inside the HUMAN SKULL. The symbolic Holy Mountain, the place where the masters go to COMMUNE and recieve the commandments or tablets of the WORD OF GOD, IF you know your theo/mythology.

Luke23:33: "And when they were come to the place, which is called Calvary [Κρανίον], there they crucified him, and the malefactors, one on the right hand, and the other on the left."

While the Gospels merely identify Calvary as a "place" (τόπος), Christian tradition since at least the 6th century has described the location as "mountain" or "hill, skull-shaped hill in **Jerusalem." **

**Calvary comes from Greek Kranion which gives us CRANIUM. **

John19:17: *"And he bearing his cross went forth******INTO a place******called the place of a skull [Κρανίου Τόπον], which is called in the Hebrew Golgotha*****[Γολγοθα]." (KJV)


Jesus's Age of crucifixion at 33 symbolizes the 33 steps up the Jacob's Ladder, the STAIRWAY TO HEAVEN which in physical form is your spinal column, which contains 33 bones, known as vertebrae, along which the #kundalini IS RISEN, RESURRECTED, through the 7 #chakras, the 7 seals of King Solomon, Sol & Moon, to LIFT UP THE SOL/ SUN OF MAN!


The seals open when the person overcomes and wins over the 7 deadly sins. He dies to the world as a human being, and resurrects (out of plato's cave) to the spirit, as an immortal, illuminated or CHRISTENED being, likened to and exalted as the BRIGHT AND SHINING SUN OF GOD.

The Biblical story simply tells about the DIFFICULT and NARROW but WINDING road up the holy mountain, the axis mundi of an illuminated person, and the heavy cross he bears through life, misunderstood, unappreciated and humiliated by secular society. **


**The person is crucified between the worldly prospects good and evil, between left and right pillars, and as the sacred vessel between heaven and earth (higher self and lower self) upon the Tree of Life and the Tree of Knowledge of the human nervous and vascular system. **


**RE is an epithet of the Egyptian solar RA, hence, why I always say RE's ERECTED instead of resurrected. Because the LIGHT of the SUN is ERECTED just as the SUN in MAN is ERECTED from tomb every morning as he SPRINGS UP with nocturnal TUMescence, better known as MORNING WOOD! RISE and SHINE!


Top left image of Dec. 21 winter solstice alignment at Angkor Wat, in Cambodia.
On the equinoxes and other important astrological dates, many ancient sacred sites align perfectly with the heavens, making it just how clear the ancients' advanced astronomical knowledge of cosmology was, and the importance of the message that they symbolize.

**They clearly depict Jacob's Ladder as he had a vision while he lay his head upon the stone of scone, the sacrum of the spine, and he looked up and saw ANGELS ASCENDING AND DESCENDING. **

**The human spinal cord and central nervous ganglia or "chakras" are responsible for the ascending and descending of sensory input signal relays via the ASCENDING AND DESCENDING SPINAL TRACTS! Its basically like a biological electrical "wiring harness" in the body.

Communication to and from the brain involves two tracts, two kundalini serpents to relay sensory input.
Ascending tracts are sensory and DELIVER MESSAGES to the brain for processing.
Descending tracts are motor, used to DELIVER MESSAGES to the periphery for motor functions and action.

In short summation, The
#ajnaor "#thirdEye**" chakra is located at the forehead between the eyebrows but represents the thalamic and third ventricle region at the center of the brain, the very apex of the human spinal column. The thalamus is connected to the spinal cord via the spinothalamic tract. Inner-restingly enough, the very symbol of the Ajna chakra is a direct anatomical diagram of a cross section of the spinal cord! **


ANGEL in Hebrew means "MESSENGER." The kundalini intertwining serpents representing the ascending and descending tracts of the nervous system is why the Greek god Hermes or MERCURY is known as the MESSENGER OF THE GODS (ANGEL) WHO DELIVERS MESSAGES BETWEEN THE GODS OF THE UNDERWORLD AND THE HEAVENS AND CARRIES THE CADUCEUS (MEDICAL) STAFF. This is why MERCURY rises to the HEAD in the thermometer which is designed from the human body just as MERCURY BIOACCUMULATES IN THE BRAIN**because of it's fat solubility.
Jacob ascended the stairway to heaven and there he saw God face to face and he named this place PENIEL, the pineal gland within the brain, the awakening of the Kundalini Energy channels of the body to attain full God Consciousness! There he wrestled with the angel SamaEL, that he wrestled WITHIN HIMSELF, and demanded that the messenger of heaven BLESS HIM, and he was "BLESSED," which comes from the meaning of "ANOINTED WITH BLOOD," and had his name changed to ISRAEL. So of course he was BLESSED, because thats how the organs work, they are ANOINTED WITH BLOOD so that they can recieve nutrition and oxygen for LIFE!

See my full presentation on the TRUE OCCULTED symbolism of "blessing"** The EXTREME De-Occulted Origins of "Blessing": Symbolism & Language>>

In short summary, Jesus is the morse recent adoption of the Hebrew Sacrificial system of the scapegoat rituEL. An innocent victim must be slaughtered to absolve the people of THIER crimes, a mass satanic blood magic ritual that continues to this very day in the form of Kapporot as well as mass false flag shootings like the Pulse Nightclub and Las Vegas Harvest Festival. But those are covered fully in my other presentations here >**

The name ISRAEL is Hebrew for "struggles with god" and represents the BURDEN or cross we bear in life to attain our highest potential as represented symbolically here within the body. **

**But there's more to the triune phonemes of IS RA EL that arn't accepted by exoteric standards. **

The root word for the Egyptian LUNAR Queen of Heaven is IS, for IS IS, Esat, which is the Divine Feminine archetype, corresponding with the right hemisphere or feminine side of the brain, with the left corresponding to the masculine SOLAR principle of RA, the egyptian solar deity, while the sacred union, marriage or Hieros Gamos, the SPARK OF THE COVENANT between the two ELECTRICAL polarities lies EL, the semitic name and word for "GOD" and the bible tells us that GOD IS LIGHT!"

So the "struggles with God" is the balancing act bewteen these two polarities within all things and is not a literal location of place, nation or peoples.

There is a place in the heavens of your body called the ISLES OF REIL, or the IS REIL. **

The Third cross between the two thieves is the midbrain! "And******when******they******were******come******to******the******place,******which******is******called******Calvary******[Κρανίον],******there******they******crucified******him,******and******the******malefactors,******one******on******the******right******hand,******and******the******other******on******the******left."

**The ventricles compose the LITERAL HOLY GRAIL SHAPED CAVITY, the inner SANCTUM which means INNER MOST CHAMBER and shares root meaning with SANCTUS, "HOLY PLACE," (which is represented by the manger and then later the tomb) of your skull which shelters the PIA MATER "tender mother" (mother Mary), the innermost lining of the brain! **

**The Pia Mater is responsible for producing the cerebrospinal fluid (the SALty SOLution of SALvation/SALivation) where this "chrism" is born of the tender mother and baptised in the river Jordan (spinal cord), wanders its life throughout the nervous system and later returns and is crucified at the 33rd vertebrae, upon the arbor vitae ("TREE OF LIFE") of the cerebellum, (depicted in the series of graphics below) which is why christ was actually depicted as the SOLAR LIGHT of the optic thalamus crucified upon the SACRED TREE of LIFE, which is the central nervous tree, just as Odin and was crucified upon the Yggdrasil TREE OF LIFE! **

Thats what the WOODEN cross actually re presents, is the TREE OF LIFE from whence it came.

The chrism resides within the cave where it becomes SANCTified (made holy) within the INNER SANCTUM, and resurrected or symbolically "born again" from the cave of the third ventricle, where you become "baptised, anointed or Christed" as the cycle continues over again, just as the allegory of the risen Phoenix reborn or resurrected from its own ashes after death**. "

See my full "Phoenix (Consciousness) Rising From the Esoteric Ashes of Pyrification!presentation for so much more>

The Third Ventricle of the brain is known in Hindu Kriya yoga as the CAVE OF BRAHMA.


The persian SUN GOD Mithra was also BORN OF A ROCK (CAVE), just as the Roman/Greek JUPITER/ZEUS, J ZEUS was hidden away in a cave as a child by his mother Rhea and later emerged when the time was right. Make sure to see my "From WOMB to TOMB! Cycles of Immortality & Resurrection" presentation for so much more on the resurrection and the tomb. >**

The cave atop the Axis Mundi!

Covered this and SO MUCH MORE in extremely lucid detail and depth in my full Symbols Of Power video presentation here>

as well as my full "SCIENCE OF THE SOUL: THE GREAT MYSTERY" film presentation here >>


Jesus depicted as the ORANGE SUN, the THALAMUS, perched as the phoenix atop the TREE OF LIFE of the human nervous system, SURROUNDED by the 12 disciples as the 12 zodiac and 12 cranial nerves extending from the HELICAL spinal column.

As we covered fully in
Phoenix (Consciousness) Rising**, the THALAMUS in botany means "BLOSSOM", and thus is always depicted in esoteric anatomical artwork as the canopy of the TREE or FLOWER, or BLOSSOM! Seriously, you MUST see all of my presentations for the ultimate mindblowing experience.

In botany, the THALAMUS is the** receptacleof a flower; a TORUS (which we will cover further on), A thallus, From Ancient Greekθαλλός(*****thallós*****, "young shoot, twig"), from Proto-Indo-European*dʰal("TO BLOOM")!

But get THIS, this is WILD! I had no idea that FROM THE BLOSSOM OF A FLOWER CAN STEM AND ENTIRELY HIGHER LEVEL OF BLOSSOM from the THALAMUS! This is literally fractal growth, meaning that the CROWN CHAKRA is only the FOUNDATION of a higher order of systems! The growing point of the thalamus may give rise to a shoot or another flower above it (Fig. 5.85 B, D).

In sacred geometry, the FLOWER OF LIFE IS THE TORUS, the pinnacle of all religions and LIFE!


And here you thought I was just making the shit up! Shame on you.**

**Again, just as Odin was crucified on the Tree of Life in Norse mythology! **

The Fourth ventricle is the STRAIGHT AND NARROW PATH which leads to the inner sanctum of the third ventricle, the HOLY OF HOLIES where the CHRIST IS BORN OF THE TENDER MOTHER, later returns and is crucified TO ATTAIN SPIRITUAL IMMORTALITY, ETERNAL LIFE!

**"for straight is the gate and narrow is the way which LEADETH UNTO LIFE, and few there be who find it (WITHIN YOU)..." **

King****James****Bible"***And if Christ BE IN YOU, (WITHIN YOU) the body is dead because of sin; but the Spirit is life because of righteousness*****."


Perhaps now you will UNDERSTAND why Steven Speilberg SHOWS YOU THE EXTREME OCCULT SIGNIFICANCE OF THE GOLDEN EASTER EGGin the new film "Ready, Player One!" See my full presentation "The Winged Crown of the Immortal Gods" for so much more! >**


**This is a very simple conclusion to deduce with only a basic understanding of hermetics and mysticism, with the GOLDEN KEYS I've presented to you here.

**Perhaps now you'll understand why master esoteric role player and CABAList David Bowie shows you just about every occult truth under the SUN in all of his weird herm/aphoroditic shenanigans! **

**Every one of the fake christians all over the place are always blathering about how "the Illuminati are MOCKING God and Jesus" etc etc etc. No, they're actually SHOWING YOU 100% ANCIENT HISTORICAL TRUTH AND KNOWLEDGE, but you just have NO BASIS OR FOUNDATION for UNDERSTANDING the secrets. Well, i'm here to help EXPOSE these secrets and make them extremely IRREFUTABLE. **



**I'm not sure where to stick this segment to where it flows succinctly, so i'll just plant it here and hope it syncs in well enough.

Greek** OLYMPIC*****means "*****of or pertaining to Olympus, a mountain of Thessaly, fabled as ...**


In the Brain we have the (o)LIMBICsystem meaning****("edge, border") at the apex or pinnacle of the spinal column. The LIMBIC system as we have already covered in various segments of the presentation is the CHALICE, the HOLY GRAIL within the SKULL, depicted in images below. In ALCHEMY we have a specialized CHALICE or CUP called ALEMBIC, " something that refines or transmutes as if by distillation" which is for upward rising, REFINING AND DISTILLATION OF FLUIDS into their purest essence!

**This BIRD BEAK SHAPED CONTAINER OF DISTILLED FLUID is why these tools are called BEAKERS in KHEMistry! The BIRD BRAIN is the Egyptian Horus, The Falcon, The PHOENIX as covered fully in my Phoenix Rising presentation, the Inner Bird/Soul Bird.


The inner bird is also represented by many kinds of birds in other religions and cultures, mostly by Eagle or Dove, as depicted much earlier on. **

The part of the brain which is similar to a bird is located centrally in the brain, and connects two brain hemispheres also represented by WINGS (of the cherubim/cerebrum)! Right wing and Left wing polarities.

The BIRD'S EYE VIEW or HIGHER PERSPECTIVE of REMOTE VIEWING is called The ALL SEEING EYE OF HORUS (the INNER SUN), the Third Spiritual Eye, the INNER EYE, THIRD EYE VISION, which sees inwardly when we dream, which acts as the captain's seat of our soul and has often been depicted as the WINGED SUN DISK with TWO SNAKES as LEGS by the ancients, and called the Chariots of the Gods.

** This is why the Gnostic Christian BIRD/ROOSTER/PHOENIX god Abraxas is the SOLAR BIRD who RIDES THE CHARIOT OF THE GODS in the cerebrospinal column within our brain to SOAR AT THE HEIGHTS OF THE SUN OF GOD! **

**I've included my esoteric anatomy software model graphics to depict how the innermost part of our body, the cerebrospinal canal is LITERALLY what the dragon, the PHOENIX, the CROWING ROOSTER, ABRAXAS are depciting as the microcosm WITHIN US!

NOW the world will forever know why the SNAKE and BIRD are the pharaonic symbols of crowned enlightenment and royalty worn upon the THIRD EYE/FOREHEAD! **

THE COCK/ROOSTER IS THE PHOENIX, COCK/PHOENIX = COCCYX!! FROM SACRUM TO CROWN, from KETHER TO MALKUTH in Jewish CABALa, my own unique science that I've created called "As Above: So Below the Belt**" in physiology which reveals how the sexual organs are literally the same homologous structures and functions in the brain! **

**Thus, the entire Jesus or solar christ mythos is also representative of #Astrotheology (macrocosm to microcosm), AS ABOVE: SO BELOW, ON EARTH: AS IT IS IN HEAVEN, as HEAVAN literally means "LIFTED UP," HEAVE "LIFT" + AN "SKY, UPWARD, LOFTY," is cognate with HEAVEn, "LIFTED UP" as the SUN OF MAN, cognates with HEBEN "TO LIFT, RAISE; LIFT UP, EXALT" and HABEN, "TO HAVE, TO OWN, POSSESS; BE SUBJECT TO, EXPERIENCE, (GNOSIS)" and HAVEN "TO HAVE, A SANCTUARY, A REFUGE, TO LIFT UP, HEAVE, ETC"! **

"From Middle Englishhaven, havene, from Old Englishhæfen("haven; harbour; port"), from Proto-Germanic****habnō***, ****habanō***(compare Dutchhaven, GermanHafen, Norwegian/Danishhavn), from Proto-Germanic****habą***("sea") (compare Old Englishhæf, Middle Low Germanhaf, Old Norsehaf("sea"), GermanHaff("bay or lagoon behind a spit"), perhaps, in the sense of "HEAVING SEA", etymologically identical with Old Norsehaf("HEAVING, LIFTING, UPLIFT, ELEVATION"), derived from Proto-Germanic****habjaną***("TO LIFT, HEAVE")), or from Proto-Indo-European****kh₂pnós***(compare Old Irishcúan("HARBOR, RECESS, HAVEN"))

**HABEN is From PIE root *KAP- 'TO GRASP," the Latin cognate is CAPERE "TO SEIZE, TAKE, RECEIVE, HOLD, CONTAIN" (as the sacred human vessel or GOLGOTHA "PLACE OF THE SKULL" as the sacred HOLY GRAEL, OR THE CHALICE, THE CONTAINER OF THE HOLY SPIRIT), linked with CAPTURE, all root cognates with the CAP which is the HEAD, the CAPUT, THE SKULL, the PINNACLE, THE CAPSTONE, the MOST HIGH of the HOLY MOUNTAIN, the axis mundi, upon Sinai, Olympus, Meru, Pele, the place where the GODS RESIDE (WITHIN YOU)! **

**This is why the CAPSTONE of exoteric Freemasonry is 33 degrees of Mastery. **

King James Bible

"the kingdom of heaven is AT HAND!"

Compare Proto Indo European KAP- and Hebrew KAPH "palm, HAND," with COP "to seize, take, CAPture," from Old Englishcopp("TOP, SUMMIT, HEAD, CROWN OF THE HEAD, TIP, PEAK, PINNACLE, TOPMOST PART"), from Proto-Germanic*kuppaz**("vault, round vessel, head"), hence KING KUPA of super Mario Brothers! **

*Capere is the root of CHASE "TO PURSUE, TO HUNT AFTER, TO STRIVE FOR," Vulgar Latin captiare "try to seize, chase" source of Italian cacciare, Catalan CASAR, Spanish CAZAR, Portuguese caçar, reminiscent of Khazar, Arabic: خزر‎, Xazar; Ukrainian: Хоза́ри, Chozáry; Russian: Хаза́ры, Hazáry; Persian: خزر‎, Xazar; Greek: Χάζαροι, derived Xazar from a hypothetical Qasar reflecting a Turkic root qaz- ("to ramble, to roam") or to WANDER. András Róna-Tas connects it with Kesar, the Pahlavi transcription of the Roman title CESAR.

"Old English had
casere*****, which would have yielded modern ****coser*****, but it was replaced in Middle English by
keiser*****(c. 1200), from Norse or Low German, and later by the French or Latin form of the name. Cæsar*****also is the root of German Kaiser*****and Russian tsar*****(see czar). He competes as progenitor of words for "KING" with Charlemagne (Latin *Carolus*****), as in Lithuanian *karalius*****, Polish *krol*****."

"Determining the origins and nature of the Khazarsis closely bound with theories of their languages, but it is a matter of intricate difficulty since no indigenous records in the Khazar language survive, and the state was polyglotand polyethnic. The polyethnic populace of the Khazar Khaganate appears to have been a multiconfessional mosaic of pagan, Tengrist, Jewish, Christian and Muslim worshippers.[19]The ruling elite of the Khazars was said by Judah Haleviand Abraham ibn Daudto have converted to Rabbinic Judaismin the 8th century,[20]. "


HAVEN OR HABEN, (HEAVEN) as the root of the usage To "HAVE TO" for "MUST OR OBLIGATION" (1570s) is from sense of "POSSESS AS A DUTY OR THING TO BE DONE", THY WILL BE DONE," (on Earth as it is in Heaven), as our HEAVY HEAVEN'S CROSS (BURDEN) TO BEAR, TO HEAVE, represented by the ancient Greek myth of Atlas who bears the HEAVY burden of LIFTING UP THE CELESTIAL SPHERE OF HEAVEN, representing the embodiment of the crossing point between HEAVEN and EARTH, symbolizing the human physiology, which the very archetypal essence of the ALCHEMICAL GREAT WORK, the MAGNUM OPUS...

**to Lift up the Sun of Man within each of us and bear our greatest gifts and self to the world, and make "HEAVEN A PLACE ON EARTH!" **

Excerpt from my full film presentation "Symbols of Power pt 3: As Above/So Below the Belt, Axis Mundi, Stairway to Heaven"here>>**

In anatomy, the atlas is the most superior (first) cervical vertebra of the spine. The atlas is the topmost vertebra and with the axis forms the joint connecting the skull and spine. The atlas and axis are specialized to allow a greater range of motion than normal vertebrae. They are responsible for the nodding and rotational movements of the skull.

It is named for the #Atlasof Greek mythology, because it supports the globe of the #skull**, the microcosmic axis mundi or "world pillar" of the human being that supports and connects the sphere of heaven, the human skull, Golgotha "place of the skull," where the spiritual and anatomical Chrism is crucified within us, just as Atlas represents the axis mundi, the macrocosmic world pillar which supports and connects the earth to the celestial sphere of the heavens, (HEAVE "AN," to heave UP, raise up! or HE AVE, "to exalt, praise, hail ) The unique science of correspondence in which I reveal "As Within: So Without" of how the mythology reflects a macrocosmic scale of the human physiology.

A full video series of presentations showcasing the truly epic, monumental and factual esoteric journey through symbolic, linguistic and** #sciencefilled explorations of ancient #mythology, #etymology, #astrotheology, #psychologyand archetypal principles of Nature, #physics, #metaphysics, #biology, #anatomy, sacred #geometry, deep seated #sexuality, #spirituality, and SO MUCH MORE! see the full film for so much more context for the real secrets >>**

The AXIS MUNDI or the WORLD AXIS, WORLD MOUNTAIN, the HOLY MOUNTAIN, is depicted by the ancient Egyptian "RAISING OF THE DJED" which is symbolic for RAISING OF THE DEAD, Osiris, known as the KRST as we covered fully in "The Winged Crown of the Immortal Gods" >


**The Greek Atlas bears the HEAVY BURDEN OF HEAVEN Just like the Mayan WHITE BEARDED SERPENT MESSIAH Quetzlcoatl "feathered serpent" HEAVED the HEAVY zodiacal cross of HEAVEN and Earth. The 23.5 degree angle of the Earth's axial cross is almost the same as depicted by the SAVIOR Quetzcoatl. **

**The CROSS is the literal and allegorical ancient symbol of the CROSSING or INTERSECTION POINT BETWEEN HEAVEN (as above) AND EARTH (so below), known as the CROSSROADS, between the spirit realm and the physical realm, as the VERTICAL AXIS or masculine phallic vertical pillar represents the emanation of God or pathway from heaven to earth, spirit into matter, pater "father into the mother" and vice versa, while the HORIZONTAL axis represents the FEMININE EARTH, the female lying horizontal, originally represented by Egyptian Geb and Nut as Mother Sky and Father Earth, which later became inverted as Greek Ouranos and Gaia, Father Sky and Mother Earth, but both models have legitimate symbolism for being as such. **

heaven (*****third-person singular simple presentheavens,* present participleheavening, simple past and past participleheavened)

  1. To transportto the abodeof God, the gods, or the blessed**. quotations **
  2. To beatify, enchant, or pleasegreatly**. **
  3. To beautify, to makeinto a paradise**.

Hebrew HE means "to pRAISE, REJOICE, BEHOLD, JUBILATION" and Latin AVE means "TO BE, or TO FARE WELL."

hillul***** "jubilation", compare* South Arabianh*****, ḥ*****, ḫ*****, Ge'ezሀ, ሐ, ኀ,*

**Note that again this is the Greek Letter Psi symbol as depicted earlier in the lateral ventricles of the brain where the crucifixion occurs within. **

May you HEAVE your HEAVy burdens, and may you find that you HAVE HAVEN and SANCTUary (holy place) from the rising tide and HEAVING seas of chaos, in the calm harbor beyond the straight and narrow floodgates of the twin pillars of Hercules, into the innermost sanctum and immortality of SPIRITUS SANCTUS. May your vessel gracefully navigate the stormy seas of life and never SINK (SANK), and be guided safely into harbor through meditation, by the Hidden Lighthouse within you.


Theres so much more to explain and piece together that I cant possibly fit in here because it would go on forever and I'm continually working on the process of compiling a book from all of my full articles. It's extremely challenging and exhausting because, This isnt exactly linear narrative material. But if you wish to see more and continue to see more articles and presentations of this nature and content, please consider giving back by subscribing for as little as a dollar a month, something I'm sure anyone can afford for this quality information

These Presentations take me over SEVERAL THOUSANDS of HOURS of research and production for films to complete for you to enjoy. Please consider giving back for my efforts by supporting my work with a donation or more preferably subscribing for as a little as a 1$ a month for continual email notifications on project updates and full research articles. I spend ALL MY TIME, sometimes 24 hrs every day just compiling these and making animations, films and graphics and it's consuming my entire life and i dont have any free time to live my life or pursue the things that Nourish my relationships.

@Lifting_TheVeil is now on all social media.
All of my full video presentations and articles can be found at for full #esoteric film presentations, research articles, livestream hangouts, lessons and so much more mind blowing esoteric content on #theology, #mythology, #etymology and #language, #symbolism, #science, #biology, #health and so much more!


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