Where to find God

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Dear Steemit family,

This very popular topic is one that I normally do not talk about that easily, except when it is needed. So I was asked a few times for advise which I thought to share with you. Please note that I am not the kind of person that would copy paste. Whatever I say or write is always based on my own experience.

If I look around starting in my own surrounding, many people are searching for God at various places, books and reaching to many people. Youtube is a very popular source to access information as well. I am a Christian and grew up from very young in the habit of going to church every Sunday morning for two hours. Listening to passages of the Bible and teaching people what God expects you to do and not to. I always wondered even as a small child if people really understood the words they were reading in the Bible.....more important feeling the words. There is a big difference . Reading the words without feeling the true meaning means that the words remain hollow as there is no life in it. Difficult? No it is not. Try it. Observe a person who is preaching the next time the opportunity arises.


The inability of people not to feel the words results often in differences in interpretation of the Bible itself. Thus makes the process of finding God.....feeling God more difficult. This incapability caused the different streams within Christianity. You will know the difference immediately between a person who feels God (and has found God) and one who only knows about God but never felt the existence or presence. God will let you know by communicating to you through your innerself....you will FEEL the difference.

I always have to smile when over and over again I hear preachers or other people encouraging seekers to open the door because He is knocking. Nobody tells you exactly how and what to do!


Is it really a matter of praying more often or louder, visiting church more often or reading the Holy Bible more often.....or doing more good deeds?? Or do you just have to wait till it is your turn, since we are all children of God? What is it that one should do exactly? Did you ever come across any preacher or anyone who told you what you have to do?

The answer is very simple......stop looking for the answer outside, because it is within.


Everything you need to know you already knew. God lives within you, He always has. Opening the door when He is knocking has nothing to do with Him waiting for you outside to let Him in. So wrong!! What it means is that He wants you to reconnect with Him inside your innerself by .....FEELING and LISTENING to the constant advice He is giving you every minute of your life in all situations you are in.

Now whenever you read the Bible again....try reading with your heart. Choose a passage you did not understand before and read it again. Note that many passages in the Bible do not have a literal meaning. The figurative meaning is only understood by the Feeling or the Innerself. Exercise this as often as you can till you master it. You will then understand that there is only ONE interpretation of the WORD.

Remember that this information is not to be used to proof rights or wrongs. Everyone has their own journey to follow, so respect for differences in opinion and everything else in life is important. This is what maintains the balance in the universe. Just like day and night, sun and moon, fire and water, man and woman, and even right and wrong....

If you have mastered this skill again one will know (now by experience) that everything and everyone is connected. We are One waiting to be reunited with the Source.

You will then feel and understand that harming any life is the same as if someone had personally hurt you. The depth of that feeling should not differ as when the wrong doing was done to you. Afterall we are One. This will teach you automatically the difference between right and wrong.

I thank our Creator for providing this Wisdom as without Him it is simply not possible.
Thank all of you for taking the time to read and I sincerely wish it will be meaningful to you.


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Nice article


Thanks. Hope it is has add value to you.