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Without God's love, we would face the punishment of our sins alone. But in return, He bestows amazing grace on all who come to Him.

The most beautiful love
God saves us not because of what we have accomplished, but because he loves us. In fact, the real reason God created us is because we are loved by God. You were not created to live as you please, but to know God and experience his love and compassion without shame or fear. God accepts us not because of what we have done or will do, but simply because of what his Son did for us at Calvary.

Many people misunderstand the love of God. They really think they can work hard for it, but they can't. When problems arise, they run or hide instead of going to the Lord. That is what Adam and Eve did in the garden. They knew it was wrong to break God's commandments, but instead of asking for forgiveness, they reacted with shame and hid from the One who created them and loved them unconditionally. Is God's heart wounded by sin? Of course. But that does not neutralize his love or his ability to forgive.

The consequences of sin can seem serious. But one of the greatest lessons to learn is that God uses even our worst mistakes to teach us wonderful lessons about his love and forgiveness. Satan tries to make you believe that you have failed and that God is no longer interested in your life.

The enemy will attack you with lies and torment your heart, trying to prevent you from trusting in the Lord's great love, but you don't need to listen to the Lord's mockery. Jesus makes it very clear that Satan is a liar and that he does not have the truth (John 8:44). He has the ability to heal wounds and restore what sin has marred and taken away. But first we must receive the gift of merciful love from him. Only then can we love others, risk being loved and make positive changes in our lives.
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The author of Proverbs writes, "Love covers all faults" (10:12). Moved by infinite love, God covered the sin and nakedness of Adam and Eve (Genesis 3:21). In this way he showed immeasurable love and still does today. It's amazing how you live a life trapped in three things: me, me and me. They do not spend time observing the subtle manifestations of God's grace and compassion. You are alone in the noise and fast pace of a world out of control. And they wonder why they feel empty. Some people know that God loves them, but they don't have time to feel that love and change. Sometimes you need to change focus. Consider the story in John 8:3-11 of the woman caught in adultery who was used by the Pharisees to trap Jesus. But when our Savior said, "He who is without sin among you, let him be the first to throw a stone at her" (v. 7), his plans soon backfired. . No one threw a stone that day. One by one they were abandoned because all the people there had sinned and needed a Savior. Jesus turned to the woman lying at his feet and said, "Where are your accusers? Did no one judge you?"

Can you imagine the fear and shame this woman felt? There is something wonderful about the presence of God that transforms even the most sinful of people. She replied, "No, sir." This single word makes a difference in our lives. I am Adonai. Mister. who saves! "Neither do I judge you," said the Lord. “Go and sin no more” (verse 11). Her message to her was, "I love you." As the woman discovers in John 8, life without God's love is empty and meaningless. Without this key component, you will continue to struggle with feelings of shame, loneliness, defeat, and frustration. The only solution is to give your life to Jesus. When you do, he will give you a deep sense of his love that will fill and cover you not just today but forever.

Written by Guille.Oro.


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