Response to A Brief History of the System: Open Letter to Darren Allen

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Dear Darren,
I recently read an Off-Guardian article titled, “A Brief History of the System”. It's an excerpt from 33 Myths of the System, a guide to the Unhappy Supermind. I liked a great deal of your analysis. You detail the symptoms of our situation carefully and accurately, but your diagnosis is off. Let me propose an alternative explanation for the cause of the problems you so accurately describe.

Your timeline is correct. Yes, it was something like 10 millennia ago when humanity entered its current phase. Up to this point the earth was a peaceful place for human kind. It was a peaceful garden, designed spectacularly.

Then something like a disease appeared. Almost as if a virus began to infect the human race, people started to do terrible things. An incredible force came against us as Satan turned on the world. He lied to and taught people to lie. He taught how to deceive and to manipulate. He demonstrated how to subjugate and control people using violence and intimidation. He began to develop systems of social control, (and, very much as you point out, he goes on to perfect these over the following millennia). And he began to organize a network of individuals who were willing do his bidding here on Earth.

It is also, exactly as you say, just this time that God enters the human collective consciousness. This is when God begins to make contact with humanity. God endeavors to help humankind save itself from the grips of this powerful adversary which would otherwise surely kill it. He begins speaking with members of humanity, and giving them messages, advice for how to overcome this terrible beast.

Don't kill each other. Don't lie to each other. Don't cheat each other. Be kind. Be trustworthy. Be loving and caring. Help the poor. Help widows and orphans. Do not lend money at interest, instead lend seeking nothing in return. Give to those who ask. Be merciful to one another. God sends prophet after prophet to humankind, emphasizing these principles.

Man, your analysis would be so spot on! You identify all these problems correctly, but you misidentify the treatment as the cause! Yes! The treatment appeared almost immediately after the infection occurred! it's just that humans have been slow to understand it.

This is the Gospel of Jesus Christ. The “Kingdom of Heaven” is an idea. It will “come on Earth” when enough people realize what it is and then start doing it.

The idea is simple. Take care of everyone else first. That's it. Don't worry about you, just worry about everyone else. Trust that when you need help, someone else will be ready to help you.

Oh, bonus, there is a God who is also watching over you. You don't have to worry about death. God will take care of you even after you pass on from this world.

Also, don't worry about vengeance, just be peaceful and kind. Really, forgive others their shortcomings, because in the end God will ensure justice is done. Everyone will be rewarded according to how they have behaved here on Earth, so there is no need to seek justice for yourself. Forgive instead.

This post could go on and on recounting the sage advice given to humankind by this one prophet alone. The point is that every terrible thing you mention, things that have been going on for all these years, each of them already has a cure. Not only that, but the cause has also been thoroughly discussed.

Prophet after prophet, Abraham, Moses, Jesus, Muhammad, and a whole host of others before, between, and after them have given the same story. These prophets were separated by great spans of distance and time, and yet they bring a consistent message about one God the creator, the devil who is wreaking havoc on Earth, and the solution which is to love and take care of each other. Of course there is more to it, but that's what it boils down to.

The problem is that the message has been misunderstood, and this is what so many people miss: Religions get subverted. People are able to lie about religion as much as anything else. Evil people, (psychopaths and sociopaths), are attracted to positions of power. They infiltrate and subvert religions just like they might anything else. Perhaps moreso, since people following the true message are otherwise dangerous or detrimental to the personal and collective well-being of such evil people.

This unfortunate fact does not reduce the power of the original message. Though it may need to be rebranded, it's still the same message of peace and brotherly love. This message is the one that will ultimately overcome evil: Love God and Love your Brother as yourself. (Of course this entails quite a lot of ethical behavior, but that's a topic for another post).

The point is, this phenomenon and these characteristics of evil, all the problems which you describe, are all correct except they are misattributed, the problem is misdiagnosed. I fear that your misdiagnosis might lead to a suboptimal solution. Please seriously consider that there is a difference between established religion and the actual message of God. The message of God is one of Love and Peace. Surely this is in line with your own beliefs?

Thank you for your time and consideration. Please write me some time! I would love an opportunity to discuss these things in real time.

Eddison Flame
[email protected]

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