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RE: How many angels can, in fact, dance on the head of a pin?

in #religion4 years ago (edited)

Hello, @smithgift, Matthew... I am delighted to have discovered you today. Welcome to Steemit! :)

I have followed you on the strength of this one article alone; I found it amusing, intriguing, enjoyable, thought provoking, multi-dimensional! Thanks!

You have me thinking about everything from theology to logic to finite automata, and more. You've left me smiling. I expect that I will be able to learn much from you. I invite you to visit my blog by clicking on the image below, in the hope that you may also find items of interest there. 😄😇😄


P.S. Here's an attempt of my own to convey the overpowering nature of an appearance of angels:
"'Ampa, Tell Me A Story" - A Shepherd's Christmas Tale


Glad you liked it. :D Hope I can make future posts interesting, too.

I have no doubt... Steem on, my new friend! ;)

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