The Core Truth of All religions.

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Essentially all religions claim to tell of a higher Truth.

Almost every religion - from Buddhism to Hinduism, Jainism, Christianity (incld. gnostic christianity, aka manicheism) , Muslim , Alchemy, Theology, etc

And almost every sacred text , claim to properly acknowledge a higher Truth.

What is this higher truth?

Theology states that

"There is no religion higher than truth."

This is true if we consider that Truth is ultimate.

The emerald Tablet states that " in the beining there was a timeless space less nothingness
and that into this void entered the all pervading thought.
This thought filled the void ; creatin space and time - the first virgin Multiverse.
This is known in science as the big bang.

The kybalion further confirms that this thought grew into The ALL.

once the firmament was birthed -

Angels such as the seraphim, scattered stars and created planets, seeding them with life.

Thus life evolved back into The ALL, the source.

In a continuous acting motion, The ALL manifested into the second Multiverse.

Which is now the phantasmagoria that we are acting out through thought.

Each being is one self of the ALL,

Each being holding the promise of ascension, eternal life, and Free choice.

The ultimate truth is that we are the source that made us.

This source is - thus it is all that is.

Nothing that is is not this truth which is actual - thereby it is the ultimate truth.

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