The Face of Evil

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2 Thessalonians 2:3-4
Let no man deceive you by any means, to the effect that surely no revolt will first come and The Man of Sin, The Son of Destruction, be revealed, He who opposes and exalts himself against everything that is called God and religion, just as he will sit in the Temple of God, as God, and will show concerning himself as if he is God.

It is often a question from those who know their Bible; “Who is the Man of Sin? Where is he? The Lord cannot return until we are revealed this man!” For several decades there has been one man working behind the scenes creating chaos and havoc, and his destructive acts are unmatched throughout history. He has orchestrated the present financial crisis being experienced throughout the world. He has destabilized governments and economies across the globe and has been an instigator of war, as well as the cause of many deaths.

This man has staged coups in multiple countries and has bought a multitude of political figureheads and even sold out fellow Jews to the Nazi occupation in WWII. He funds and controls multiple anti-Christian NGOs, pushes constantly for population reduction in some of the most inhumane ways and even controls a multitude of media outlets. In a June 3rd 1993 interview that ran in The Independent, this man said: “It is sort of a disease when you consider yourself some kind of god, the creator of everything, but I feel comfortable about it now since I began to live it out”.

It wasn't until Glenn Beck made an exposé that extended over several months, that this man was revealed. This man's name is George Soros. He has called himself God, even currently he is paying people up to $35 an hour to continue the current riots against Donald Trump. He will not stop until he is either brought to justice or to his knees by our Lord. Now that you know the Man of Lawlessness has arrived, hopefully, it will help you see that RayEl IS the Lord and he is here. Love God and love each other. In Lord RayEl's name, amen.

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He looks like the walking dead.

George Soros is trying to get America to rise up on the 4th of Nov... he truly is evil.

The sooner gone, the better.

He is truly the "Man of "Lawlessness." It is unfathomable what he has done and how he can live with himself and call himself like a "god." It makes me sick!

Glenn Beck didn't do this alone, he was divinely inspired (in my opinion), and it was through this role that he has played his part in the end of days by telling the world who the man of lawlessness truly is.