When i rap to God

in religion •  last year

I started off weak, tired like a beggar who gets no sleep. I slowly made it through the forest, dark and mystique. I was for wolves a walking sheep.
But the spirit of the Lord was upon me, though i can't see it i can feel its company. The fiercest of wolves creep beside me, drooling about the thought of devouring me. Im not scared i have faith that my Father will protect me. The mighty wolf leaps forward, he was not alone, i was clearly outnumbered. But my eyes were ever skyward. If i shall fall tonight dear Lord, please meet me in heaven as a reward. Not for being a Saint or an Apostle, just a believer or a preacher. Simply because i love You and You are my teacher; my master and my maker, there exists no greater creator!! Lightning hits the ground and seperates me from the iminent hazard. A loud voice comes from heaven "This sheep is mine and i am his loyal shepherd, i have counted his hairs, even the fallen ones are measured" Son, have no fear, keep going for the road is now clear.
Joy fills my heart, the Lord has spoken and has eyes on me from the start, who shall i fear now? I shall be called braveheart.
I run through the dark forest jumping over trenches and pits, defying all evil's lies and tricks. Stop and rest are you not tired? Have a drink of that water its just what you desired.. Make room for you, think about your pleasures, come with me i shall give you treasures. Fine you don't want to be rich? How are you gonna cross the valley with no bridge? I say turn back around and look for another route, this one looks dangerous i'm not trying to freak you out. But your God told you its this way and this seems like a dead end to me, maybe you can jump and his angels will catch you safely. Move away evil one, you will not fool me for this war has already been won. Im sure that behind you is the light at the end of the tunnel, move and i will walk and i shall not stumble. Angry he became, but refuse him and victory u'll acclaim. I walked further and there it was, the tiny light is now brighter than the sun. This is not the end, my life has just begun

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We can all rap better than Eminem.


Eminem is such a wuss!
Wow his Rap is literally a CNN talking point ! His 1999 self would be ashamed


I wasn't a big fan ever
But at least he took chances. Now his raps are MSMtalking points
Wow bashing trump Eminem ? Nobody's doing that these days!!!


Unfortunately we can't


Eminem hates freedoms and people.

I like that Rap upstairs!


How awesome are you?
Thanks Gene!

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